Today’s thought..


For some reason I don’t know, I’m actually feeling positive!
For some reason I feel all those that have been deprived so far will be blessed and all those that have oppressed others will pay their dues.

I think the world needs this change. And such changes do happen. They have happened many times. Sometimes, we have called them tragic events in history. But, if you analyze them you realize: they had to occur for us to be here today.
In the past decade or more, humanity has suffered a lot. We have all been watching and suffering if not experiencing it. For whatever reason, humanity has suffered.

Suffering for any nation, is never long term. If they survive the suffering, they ultimately rise.
If you as an individual have been suffering, you Will find solutions and success soon. Like they say, times change.

I feel very strongly that this change will occur soon.

Balance will return.

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