No, not Normal!

What scares me the most is that we go on thinking that all is normal even when it’s not and collapse when reality finally does unfold itself.. 
No all is not normal ..

This world is no longer the way it was. There are new fears. Fears humans did not know of before. New concerns. And disasters unheard of ! Killing and Death is everyday news .. We are used to it unknowingly.. We don’t reflect and wonder: when did this start and why?

What was rare is common and what was common is rare.. 

I have been observing things closely for years has changed drastically. And many of us have just gone with the flow..

Many little changes add up to a huge change that occurs suddenly and it destroys many and benefits many.

We are at that point Now.. 

This is how shifts happen. You see, money does not decrease, it changes hand.

One gains power , one loses it.. Or all are destroyed or all are united.. We can only know when it happens.

Just my thought today..

Stay safe ..and report any irregular activity to the police.. Do not hesitate. Your one call could save many lives..

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