The Hand that Gives..and Intentions..


I have seen poverty and been broke before. I have earned huge amounts of money, lost it all and gained again. I have seen stuff in life.

I have been conned, and I have given up on many rights too. I have forgiven all amounts I ever lent to anyone and I even announced it. And trust me, the amounts were big.

Why did I do that?

I did it for one reason alone: I understand the human condition. I am human too.

Trust me, I even understand the most evil minds on Earth. And, I do not hate them. I feel sorry for them. Because, their life is as short as any other human being. No one is here forever. And, what lies ahead is .. well.. Eternity where we will not be able to get away with anything. Where this Human condition ENDS. Where, there will be only ONE JUDGE: Allah.

Why should I carry baggage with me to that life? I want to owe nothing and I want to demand nothing. I want Happiness. Money is currency. It will change with time. Not worth my worry.

But, I see EVERYONE else so worried about it. I see almost all people willing to die and kill for it. You know why? One single reason: the illusion of ” What about ME?”.

The fear of loss.

You will die. You fear losing what?

And if you are reading this, you have Survived. Have you not?

If I owe you MONEY.. I owe you.. And.. Here is my intention : I will pay you back. How? I have no clue. I do my radio show, I work and I work a lot .. but MONEY is something granted. If Saudia Radio has not paid me in 9 months, I am not going to jump up and down. If my clients did not pay, I am not going to lose my mind. If a deal failed, IT failed. What I have control over is: My INTENTION.

Here, I am writing it down here for the world to read. It is a commitment.. that’s what Intention is. Even if some of you say, IT IS OK, we don’t want our money.. my INTENTION will be:  to return it to YOU. So, if you OWE money.. intend to pay it and keep working, you will.

For me hundreds, thousands, millions, billions.. are all numbers. And, if anyone took Economics 101 at college, you will know the concept of the “invisible hand”.. Money is granted no matter how much you work. Money is restrained if you are lazy and deceiving yourself.. There is a GOD, you see.

Are you FREE yet?

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