Times are changing here. This is not the KSA where people never cared for money and expenses. Where life was easy and hassle free. Where Iqama renewal cost 100 riyals. Where we never knew what traffic jams are. Where hanging out with buddies on street corners was frequent..

I can’t help wonder if we have actually progressed or are degenerating. We are in a society which is confused about everything from identity to religion to work to social norms. Everyone is so vocal and so upset and so uncertain. Why has fear taken over our lives. Why are we worried each day? We have it all, yet we want more and we are never satisfied .. 

What has happened?

Suddenly, everyone is an expert on News analysis, politics, religion, social sciences and ethics. Suddenly, everyone is a judge and is the judged too. Suddenly, everyone is full of advice and strategy. And, no one has any patience left.. I long to meet someone silent, smiling , self satisfied and at “home”..

Where are such people?

Everyone is lost in a virtual world in their phone. In amazing relationships and families .. Online. While you look around, and see.. No interaction. Not much.

Me and my friends meet for coffee every weekend. In that cafe, you will see groups of guys sitting together lost in their phones and very little conversation happening .. It is like ” I was sick and tired of being online at home so I came to this cafe to be online surrounded by my friends while I stop to see TV too”..

What is this??

Everyone is extra busy.

And Gosh .. Suspicion. We suspect everyone. We are vengeful. We are upset .. We are very angry sometimes about things that mean nothing. We are in groups on facebook and obsessed with opinions. We are Confused to the core!

Life on Earth was already an illusion to test us and we have created many more illusions within it to complicate it further.

I don’t even wanna talk about the rise in divorces, law suits, singles.. What’s the point?

My question is: where are we heading? 

Just my thoughts ..

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