God does reply to your prayers. He does listen and He knows what you are thinking, wishing, seeking..and above all…feeling.

Yes, you are not alone, ever.

All situations change. All life changes.

I learnt a valuable lesson today.

But before I tell you what the lesson was, let’s talk about our prayers. Some of our prayers are the result of us being wronged, deprived or cheated. And those prayers are mostly curses. We curse people sometimes. We pray they get a tough lesson or punishment. We do that.

We should not.


Simply because we don’t know why people do what they do… just as many people don’t know why we sometimes do what we do.

That’s the lesson I learnt.

Yes, I prayed and prayed. I sought and sought. And my mind opened to a reality.. Allah knows. He can fix all. He can cure all. And when the mind opens to reality, many realities are also revealed.
And when this happens, we pray more. And, of course what ever pain I may have seen in life was definitely due to some persons action, words or inaction..
When you feel that you can now ask Allah for anything and He will grant it, you are tempted to seek punishment for some.. revenge. I felt that moment.. but before I could ask for someone’s punishment, I stopped. Have I wronged no one? I must have..

And so a tear flows from the windows of the soul and I pray:

Allah forgive me and all people I know or don’t know, living and alive and Ya Allah give us all guidance, joy, wisdom and Peace.



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