Just a phone please…


How vital is the net for you?

Do you need to be logged on to facebook all the time ? Do you need to be available on whatsapp and other social media all the time ? How vital is it?

We have a great gift .. The phone. Anyone from anywhere in the world can call you anytime. You can call them too. And if you can’t answer the call, you can send a text message. Text messages and calls keep you available to all and them available to you when there is a need to communicate immediately.

Some of us do business on facebook and need to receive and send documents, I understand. I do too. But, I ask myself, how far is my laptop? I can go online, do my thing and I am done, right?

Do I really need to check emails all the time? See every notification? I mean if someone needs me badly they will call, and if they can’t they will send a text message : call me! I will. And if I cannot call, I will send an SMS ..

Social media is becoming a serious issue in our homes people!

Our lives are being spent online. Our preferences are changing and our values are .. Ah well..

Why do we display our lives, events, pictures, families , children and even habits on social media? I see people displaying everything online. Why? To share with relatives and friends ? Are you sure you want to share with all relatives and friends all things? I mean if I want to show my mom how my son is now.. I can send her an email with a pic, right? Do I need to post pictures of my family on facebook so that mom could see how we are? And how often do I need to show her?



Count the hours spent on the net doing nothing so important. And then we say: time is passing so fast.

Friends. We need to meet. Talk more often .. Let’s not waste our lives staring at a screen..

Call mom. Call dad. Meet people. Don’t share all on social media.. Because perhaps when you do meet.. You will have nothing to talk about..

Let’s go back to simplicity and joys..

I used a simple phone with call and sms only.. For a few hours today..

Amazing freedom..

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