I wonder..

Hatred is what spreads very quickly.

I see the Saudi Gazette and Arab News pages on facebook. And, every time an article about Expatriates is published all hell breaks lose on that thread. The mud slinging, the cursing, the taunting and the negative attitudes.

My question is: what is the purpose of these articles? To inform who about what? How does it concern me or any average person how much money expats send from KSA and who is illegal and who is not?

Are announcements about new laws and system updates not enough?

I see it clearly. It’s a deliberate attempt to bring out the worst in everyone!

One thought on “I wonder..

  1. Very true! You see ppl at their worst in the comments forgetting decency & manners. It’s as if ppl are waiting sitting ready to claw each other to shreds!

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