2014: a sad ending


I felt my heart in ways I have never felt it before.. this year..


A sad.. Pathetic.. And painful year I bid farewell to with much hope and many tears..
First I saw the slaughter of people in Syria, Iraq .. And then Gaza ( no, I did not forget, maybe you did) and then in Pakistan as we come to the end of this year..

Kids being killed.

By drone attacks on Waziristan, by Israel in Gaza, by Taliban in Peshawar.

No, friends, these are not crazy men killing people. These are soldiers following instructions by people who benefit from such sick and dirty operations. They benefit at the cost of innocent lives and I assure you, their benefit will be short lived and their ends miserable.

I cannot understand when and why men brought warfare and battles into cities and towns? When did they stop being men? When did they lose their masculinity and turned into pathetic sissies who show their strength by killing the harmless and unarmed of society ? When did they become liars and are not men enough to face each other in battle grounds like they used to and started planning and plotting in secrecy to commit genocide and kill innocent people of Earth?

These are not wars. These are not battles. There are no heros and there are no villains. There are only deaths and casualties that leave a scar on the heart of all mankind..

And there are multi billionaires with never ending wealth but limited years on Earth too..

That’s how stupid man can be .. And stupid may amuse some but stupid can hurt many too..

2014 .. We have gadgets and planes but we have degenerated as humans. We are not men who fight battles in battle fields .. We have no Knights and Heros.. We have chickens with big guns and planes and we have rats with remote controls .. All killing innocent humans and calling it victory.
We were advanced in thinking and in mind and in honor.. And we have degenerated over time.

Advanced in technology but destroyed within..today.

I bid farewell to 2014 and look forward with much hope that if I can realize what I did.. Many will and can.. And we will fix what we have destroyed..

I still believe in my Allah..

Do not lose hope. 2015 will be better.. Though I know the tragedies we witnessed will haunt us forever..

2 thoughts on “2014: a sad ending

  1. Well said Ali. May Allah protect all innocent humanbeings and may He guide us to the right path . Give the stupid ones among us some sense to reflect on their bad deeds and start doing good for the world.

  2. I agree completely. Will spend the rest of the day thinking about the good things that have happened. US and Cuba talking. The wonderful president of Uruguay. Canada’s calm response to the ‘terrorist’ attack on our parliament. He was a crazed drug addict. I’m going to be a grandmother! Nice to have you back.

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