Hire a local..sure.


Losses , losses , losses.

Small to medium sized companies are suffering from serious losses.

Shortage of labor and the high cost of labor does it all. Just this one factor managed to destroy hundreds and thousands of businesses.

What we don’t realize is that people don’t need Just jobs and money. They need direction. It’s what calms the public and generates work. Sadly, the “just hire a local” policy is not effective. Locals need direction, training and reasons to work. Reasons other than money. People need challenges. And money is not the challenge.. Achieving development on some level is.

We need to get out of “rich” and “poor” self images. Some people loaded with cash have poor minds and some people with little cash have great and rich minds. We need to go a bit deeper..

The expatriate is not able to and cannot take away anything from the local if the local knows his job and what he wants. This is the stage of development where education and training comes in.. And it needs to be huge.

Once work forces are ready, replacements will be automatic and nothing will need to be enforced. This is exactly what I said in 2003 and sadly have to say it at the end of 2014..

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