Law and Lifestyle


What is law?

And why man-made law when we have divine law?

Behavior and discovery of man caused man to make laws for man. Fear of man caused man to make laws for man. And the more the men, the more the laws. The more the laws the more there shall be deviations and so there will be more laws until newer systems of life are made and lifestyles change.

Lifestyles have changed a lot and if you have not noticed, laws and systems have actually redirected and changed our lifestyles over time. Apart from technology, discovery and inventions, legislation has changed our lives. Research reveals new things, old things are redefined, new laws are made..

Once upon a time, we did not care about plastic cards with magnetic strips. Once upon a time, we could use our brother’s  passbook and draw money from their account.. Once upon a time, not so long ago.. life was different.

A lot more was based on trust and a lot was undetectable and so there were no laws about so many things before. And so, our concerns were much different and this gave us a certain attitude and lifestyle which we do not have now. Not about good or bad, it’s about change.

New laws are passed more frequently now, and changes to life occur frequently.

Perhaps what is forbidden today maybe mandatory tomorrow… we keep learning.

I have not forgotten how life was just 3 years ago right here in Riyadh. We did not even notice and it changed. The whole environment changed and because of that many people’s lives changed and now lifestyles are changing.

Soon there will be a metro. Traffic will change, new laws will surface and life will change even more.

Laws change lives. Drastically and quickly.

O ye who does write the law..Know this.


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