No matter what you do, you get hurt by someone..right?

Discuss, tackle, deal and define. We do this so much. But the cycle repeats itself again and again.

I am sure each one of you is experiencing this with someone who blames you for it.. And you blame them.. Not agreeing.. Reaching a point of severe conflict sometimes.. Causing and feeling pain through word or action..

Today, humanity is at a loss.

Loss of security, too much uncertainty.. And too many issues bombarding us from all directions. And this disturbance to the mind and soul reflects in all our relationships.

I see people becoming over religious or totally godless.. Extremes. I see protests leading to nothing. I see something disappearing from humanity : Acceptance.

We don’t accept who we are, who someone else is, what is and what’s not. We do not evaluate and accept at all anymore. We have so much information that we automatically allow ourselves to judge openly and act beyond our mind, capacity and ability. Causing small and big disasters.

Many have started killing because they don’t accept themselves or others. They could kill, so they killed.. But they could not accept.

You are not like me, so you have no right to live. So many think like that now!

Reality is what is in front of us and around us. If we can’t accept it, we can’t be at peace. We may not like it.. But accepting something is that magic wand that opens the doors to change and rectification. Because once we accept something or someone , we are less likely to react badly. We don’t react because emotions are tamed.

And, this is what allows us to coexist and reach a higher level where we go past judging and killing and start really discussing and evaluating and.. Growing.

I accept that there are people who conspire against humanity to gain power, I accept that every person is unique in their thought and belief, I accept that there is a God and there is a devil. I accept that there are many nations with different agendas, cultures and beliefs. I accept creation. Phew! Now I can deal with it all. I won’t be reacting .. I will be observing and learning. Growing in mind and vision.

Try accepting all around you as a reality God chose for you, and see how peaceful you feel suddenly. You know.. When you don’t accept what is, you try and change it. You are not God. You can’t. When You accept it and not judge it and maintain what you are, there is peace. When one person tries hard to change another person, conflict is inevitable. When both accept, they co exist and peace is inevitable. Change occurs over time. When you don’t accept, you become hasty and you always feel tired and fear that time is running out. You get stressed and eventually destroy yourself …

Accept what is given and be at peace.

Please understand this people.. It’s vital.

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