Why have I not written about Gaza so far?

I am trying to understand. Trying to be as fair as possible. Trying to see what is really going on.

But this is all I can say:

800 Palestinians have gone to their Creator, wronged and killed for nothing.. They lost their lives on Earth, but not their lives.. Of course, like all humans from Adam to the last man, they too will live on..some answering for their deeds and many in paradise rejoicing the grant of an eternal existence in bliss..

The ones that died as kids Will be followed by those that die at 90 , and all of us too. It is just a matter of days and nights, winters and summers, years.. We will all go.

What eternity does the oppressor and murderer of innocence look forward to? Yes of course he, like all of us, will live eternally.. But is he willing to trade an eternity of torment with 90 or even 1000 years of illusion and fake joy? Is this the choice he has made?

Is he that stupid?

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