Some people are given success on Earth just so that it is proven to them beyond doubt that they deserve hell when they get to hell.

I think the blessed are people who are given enough to live happy but not so much that they become responsible for many. Responsibility of people is the greatest test.
We may abuse ourselves and be forgiven but we are burdened heavily if we abuse people who depend on us.
More zeros are added to the wealth of the world as populations rise. This is because each human being’s share is sent with them to Earth. Few realize or understand this..
If I have a billion dollars, it does not mean I can buy a house for 20 million dollars. It means I have responsibility. It means I need to search for the people that have a share in it. This is what it means. At one time, people knew this and so there was no poverty on Earth.. Or, at least not in the the Muslim Empire. At the time of Caliph Harun Rasheed.. There were no takers for Zakat money in the whole empire which was from Spain to China..!!

Imagine that!

This means, of course, that balance of power and distribution of wealth were in very good shape and all was well organized. There was no such thing called Monopoly.

What happened to that balance ?

Wealth of this Earth may increase but it never decreases. It changes hands and goes around. What’s happened now is that it goes in some hands and then gets stored with them.. And then bits of it are circulated just to make stored amounts greater.. And so, we have a lot of poverty now..and a few very very rich people. Sad reality.

Good, quality education and life are reserved for those few families. The rest have to slog hard for them and then pay them..even more..

This is actually what’s happening now.

No! There are no poor countries and rich countries on Earth.There are just robbers and the robbed on Earth..

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