Better than yesterday..

We are weak , we fall, we sin, we repent.. We continue..

No person is without sin on earth. Small or big .. We commit sins.

The process of doing wrong and then realizing the wrong while fearing consequence ..then repenting and trying not to repeat that wrong is a human effort which to me, is remarkable. It is what defines us.

But, it is frustrating. Realizing a wrong we did makes us confess to our own self that we were wrong. This is always a blow to the Ego. And it’s what causes despair too. It also opens a window of hope which brings in the light of compassion and mercy. All triggered by intention.

And that’s what it boils down to: intention.

You may have done wrong but your intention was not to do wrong and you were weak in that moment and a sin happened. You admit to weakness of will over ego. You were unable to control your self.. And you regret it. You do not want to face consequences..Happens.

Then there are those that go through the same process but insist it was ok and they had no choice. They protect their ego and they overcome the despair .. Not admitting their loss. Becoming even worse when life punished them..Denial. This closes the window and darkness prevails.

It was not the sin…it was what came before it and what happened after it..

God wants us to live in Reality and not in Denial.. He blesses the truthful..

Reality is: we are weak and we sin and we must realize our lacking and work to be better human beings.

” I will try my very best not to do it again” is better than ” I will not do it again”..

More realistic!

Never make promises. Put in efforts. A good effort may find success and a strong promise may break..

You see how our life is all about working on ourselves to be better people?
It is not about saving or accumulating anything.. It is about being better. And, it is a continuous process..

Let’s try to be better than we were yesterday and even better tomorrow..

We will find completion one day.. We will..


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