Let’s pray…


There have been times when I have gone completely negative about the future of mankind. Of course, this is due to the constant bombardment of negativity and bad news from everywhere.

However, once given the opportunity to reflect. Once solitude is granted, I do reconsider and become hopeful for us.

Never lose hope!


You see, all of us and all of what is, has been and shall be .. Is not really random. It is all controlled. Someone is running the show. God.

How He does things and what He does is no ones business really. The created cannot question the Creator. We can but seek. Beg. Pray. And be hopeful. Because He tells us that He is merciful and compassionate and He guides. Can anyone else be more trustworthy?

I am left with two choice:

1. Seek from my Creator
2. Follow my mind which is influenced by so much.

Choice no.2 of course, may lead to despair and disappointment. Choice no. 1 may seem to bring some amount of fear and uncertainty but let’s agree.. It gives a peaceful feeling.

My dear readers in KSA..Pakistan and India and everywhere else..I know.

We are going through a period of financial losses.. Loans.. Some calamities.. Uncertainties and despair. We are all disturbed for one reason or the other. We are feeling hatred and anger and we are feeling lost too sometimes. We are all feeling weird. I am not assuming.. Thousands of people have told me this over time.

Let’s pray. Let’s ask Him. Let’s take that leap of faith. Let’s not blame or worry. Let’s not ridicule our rulers and blame our systems. Let’s just Pray.

We have tried blaming.. Shouting.. Cursing… Chasing.. Let’s try Praying. Most sincerely. Let’s seek help and guidance…

What’s happened has happened..we cannot change it.

Let’s start a new day..


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