Lost..on purpose!


It is better to keep silent if one does not have a solution. But..some people like to be experts and they think they have great solutions..and some others believe them..and some others tragically implement their “solutions”…forsaking solutions already given by the Creator..

When this happens..losses happen..and when losses happen..more “expertise” is brought in. All good..but it costs.

Why are we learning through trial and error still when we already have a solution to every single issue of life?

Why are women fighting for rights..when their rights were clearly defined 1400 years ago..and why are people incomplete? In fact..what are we seeking? What..exactly..do we call growth? Higher stress levels..rising divorce rates..destruction of families..I can go on and on..

One can conclude one of two things for the Muslims. .
1. The Code of life given to us by the Quran is not enough ( impossible)..


2. We have forsaken Guidance and ventured out into confusion purposely.

We have..yes. We have willingly forsaken Quran..

There is so much death and destruction..corruption..bad distribution of Wealth. .that it is much more than just tragic.

We might be remembered in the future as the Generations of Retards. We have unlimited
talk..debates..sects..differences..and our solutions are unfair and actually cause suffering to some while seemingly benefitting some..though all are at a loss.

I really do not understand what it is we are trying to be or achieve. We adopt systems when we have systems and cause panic and loss. How is that smart? No..there is no conspiracy..we are just LOST. No one is conspiring against us…

Key to economic success: remove Interest completely..

Key to National Success: Destroy discrimination of any kind..

Key to Peace and Success: Be Just.

Most of mankind will agree with this..

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