Lie today..cry tomorrow.


An old guy told me today that in the end of times..the liar will be called honest and the honest will be called a liar. IS happening.

We KNOW we believe in lies all the time and we KNOW we reject the truth daily.

How much of what we see is honesty?

I swear to is totally disgusting to see a seemingly honest..innocent..”religious” and “hard working” person dish out lies consistently to the extent that his deception becomes his truth and others start to believe it too. Because,  what he is doing is that he is building a base which stands on deception and this will affect many after him. A legacy of lies..misconceptions..disbelief presented as truth. Disaster.

What I don’t understand is WHY?

What weakness derives one to become like this…a majority is headed in this direction. Because, if we accept lies as truth then soon we start to lie too.

In certain societies, it is even vital that you lie. Small lies..big lies. Any time.

If you tell some one that you are busy when you are not busy, you lied. We do this. A lot. Yet, most consider us honest even though they know we lied. This is because they throw the same lies at us. So, were they to point out our lies, we would talk about their lies. And, if this happened on a larger scale..the balance we have maintained in society based on “acceptance of lies” ..would be disturbed. So, we think: lets keep on living like this as long as no one is getting bothered. Sickening if you think about it..But,  nevertheless, today’s reality.

Deceptions lead to further perversions. And perversions lead to chaos eventually.

It is easy to say great things then to live great lives. If we are brutally honest and analyze..most of us say the truth..but live in lies.

But as all things must come to an does this life of deception. Someone..somewhere will shout “you liar!”..and then someone else will shout the same..and reality and resentment will kick in..hatred will come out and we will all end up hurting each other badly. 

Universal laws of existence do not allow deception to persist. Reality does come out one day.

Liars fall..the Honest rise. History has shown us this many times.

Let us not believe in lies..let us not lie. Let us be what we are and say what IS.

God bless..

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