Envy, Suspicion and YOUR CHOICES..


A destroyed mind is one that finds pleasure in someone else’s loss. There is a fear that rules such a mind. The fear of not having what someone else has. The fear of looking small in front of someone who has been granted success, respect and admiration. This fear is an illusion. This fear is nurtured by Envy and Suspicion..

You see, greatness, wealth and happiness are not achieved. They are granted. You are good because you chose to be good, but goodness was then granted because of that choice. And you were tested in making that choice. The wisdom you used was GIVEN to you. You cannot possibly achieve it. All you and me can do is make CHOICES. And, our choices will always be based on what we nurtured in our own minds..

Each choice comes with a price. So does the choice to do good, or be RIGHT. One is tested. One is tested by all of life. By situations, temptations and other people too. Thus, all have different tests and paths. We cannot even begin to understand what each soul goes through in their lifetime. How can we wish to have what someone else has? Can we go through the tests they have been through or go through? They are where they are after going through something and reaching a place BECAUSE they successfully went through it. Can we?

If someone wishes to have what I have, then is that person willing to go through the tests that I went through? All gain has some pain behind it. How much pain each person can handle is known to their Creator alone and so we are all unique in this. The amount of risk one took. The amount of work they did. All these are measures and records that bring us to a station we are in or shall be in.  It goes much deeper and there is much more detail.. we can write volumes on this.. But read the Quran.. you will see a lot..

Then, if this is the reality.. how can we look at someone and judge and decide? How can we simply not just appreciate, respect and co-exist?

We do not. That is why we have gossip. That is why we have judgments. That is why we have the two most lethal conditions any human being can suffer from : Envy and Suspicion.

These two are such dangerous conditions that they can destroy a person and many persons completely. They are hidden. They blur the vision of anyone. Think. And think hard… was ever a choice you made in life based on either one of these two? We all have done this at some point. Blessed are those that did not. But, when we did make a choice or choose a course of action just because we were suspicious or jealous, the only thing we experienced was pain.. to us or someone else. These are what make us want to HAVE what someone has. ” If you can have it, so can I”.. Not right. In thinking this, we lose what we could HAVE had…and so depression creeps in EVEN when we have what that person has…

We may not be able to handle what they did and are handling.

Just remember one thing: Every minute you spend wanting what someone else has, you lose the time you can use to have what is for YOU…. or could have been for you..

Discover yourself…

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