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We make huge plans. Great policies. We turn into bulldozers and crush populations just to achieve an objective. All enthusiastic and excited, we execute our plans. If we succeed, there is great reward. If we fail.. we despair and face the loss..

Nitaqat was beautifully designed to make Saudization of work places a reality. I liked it. It was scrutinizing companies that were not being socially responsible. It was dividing companies into colors to show how responsible they were being towards the people. Great. We want to get locals employed…good.

I had talked about Saudization extensively with Arab News in 2003. I had also said that the Saudi CAN work and SHOULD work. I had said that some amount of expatriates need to be reduced. I had said all this a long time ago.  It is even scary. Because if you read that interview, you would think that everything I had said then is REALITY AND LAW today.. kind of scary. To see your thoughts becoming policy of a country, is scary.

Do you know why?

Because every policy has its effects. Every policy can benefit OR harm people. So, to take responsibility for it is a BIG deal. That is why people in high positions have so much respect. They take great responsibility.

In that interview, I did stress on a few things though. The number one thing was “Training and Orientation” of local work forces. The other thing, in later blogs and talks,  was securing the ALREADY living here for decades “expatriates”. The third thing was opening the market for small to medium-sized companies and establishment ( foreign or expat owned) on condition of training and hiring locals AND at the same time setting up monitors to protect this activity and maintaining cultural and traditional considerations. Every country has the RIGHT to implement its laws and secure its heritage and culture. No Sir! No one can nor should challenge that.

Once again I say, If I am given the right to own my company, do my own business without sponsors or partners…I WILL have a 90% Saudi company. I can prove my point with action.

Today,  and for the past few days, numerous reports are coming in newspapers claiming with evidence that Nitaqat has failed to reduce remittance, ensure Saudization and basically fix the issue being dealt with..

Do you see why?

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