Cannot Judge

I spent many hours yesterday evaluating people. I analyzed. And, in the process, I evaluated myself too. Deeply.

Do you know that the law punishes a criminal for their ACT, not for what they are?

Yes, I realized completely. I cannot and am not able to judge a person. I can only evaluate and judge an action .. if it has any impact on life. Negative or positive.

We often mock famous people or label them. Someone is evil and someone is crazy. Someone is good and someone is bad. Bla bla bla…

Do we have this right?

No. Not really.

Only God can decide this because only He can know the truth of each person. We cannot. This, of course, does not mean we are stupid. It simply means that we cannot know inner mental reactions of people to situations they have faced throughout their lives. Reactions that led them to be what they became. We cannot possibly know unless we see them at all times and read their minds all the time. Can any human achieve this level of awareness and surveillance? No.

So how can we judge? Or even assume?

Yet we do. A lot. Most of it is based on assumption or misunderstanding anyway…or even worse, on other peoples assumptions and words..

When we realize that realistically we are incapable of judging a person and Required to judge actions and do justice, we learn to forgive a lot and understand more.

But, facilitating the correct reaction to an action is in itself a huge task and one can only be fair if the action is analyzed without focus on the person..


We start to feel compassion and we stop pitying people or hating them or loving them too much. We stop burdening them and start understanding them. And, in doing so, we do ourselves the greatest favor. We set ourselves free from negative emotions. Like disappointment, expectation , jealousy, suspicion and hatred. We balance it all. Properly.

‘I don’t know if he is good or bad, but what he did benefits/ harms people’

This is a fair thing to say.

Keeps us away from extremes and frustration.

It was good to go through all this in my head and then share it with you..

Enjoy your weekend Riyadh..

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