Do not play God..Worship God..


“This is God’s Earth…We are His Creation…”

We do not fear people. We fear loss of power..
We worry and we let worry ruin our minds and souls.

This is the tragedy of man. His ego.

Ego dictates that we must have power. Power to damage if necessary.  Power to control. Power to BE in charge of things. We fear giving this power to anyone else..and when someone challenges us..we fight and defend. Wars. Ego does not allow sharing..

Controling resources. Fearing enslavement. Seeking security. Man has been doing this forever. Fighting with other men over these things. Trying to gain as much territory as possible. For centuries, men have conquered lands of this Earth to achieve ..power and control. itself…is failure of mankind. I go deeper and further in the past. Much before we came to be. And in doing do..I go to the future too. To where we will be one day. No direction was given for killing and no medals will be given for killing. Killing our own kind…is killing our own self.

Of reality…there are enough minerals on Earth to house all human beings and other creatures too. But..a handful of people want to own it all. Why? What future do they worry about? A future they have not seen…and cannot see?!

Why are we not happy with enough and why do we seek more? And..what do we call growth?

More importantly, what do we seek?

Grown men of experience surrounded by advisors and thinkers..often choose to massacre a whole nation.  Why? Because that nation did not submit to the power of a few or were they a burden on them?

Man wants to play God.

Haste. Man will not worship God to bring out his own spiritual greatness..but he will imitate God in his ignorance. And..this is the cause of all the issues on Earth today. all all all regions..wants to play God. While many may love to worship these fake human “gods”..some may claim divinity by using religion, if not resources, and counter them… yet..some others may just stay away from this drama and just worship the one true God and strive to be better human beings…being content..with Enough.

Do not seek to be praised and worshipped. ..and do not seek to control…

It is the only way a person..nation or people can be peaceful and spread peace. It is the only way ego will rest…and leave us alone. It is how the world will be better..

Worship God..praise Him..and be under His control….

Submit to Him.

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