Virtual Associations

People have built whole lives on the internet and they live these lives not through computers but through cell phones now too. Days and nights go by. Sunsets and sunrises and seasons and years go by and life on the net moves at its own pace.

Emotions fluctuate as networks fail or get faster. Need for contact and information takes precedence over food sometimes. A complete network of friends online, getting more attention than friends sitting next to us. Concerns and dreams and fantasies ruling the mind. A complete virtual life, more real than real life..

We are living it.

Think about it. You might as well be living with ghosts.

I have always felt that virtual activity, thought or association is pointless if it does not manifest itself in the real world eventually. It shall fade away as the virtual world is ever changing. Much faster than our real world.

This blog is not For or against anything, its just a view, a perception and an analysis.

What makes things worse, in my view, is the transference of family and friends from real to virtual regardless of distance. We often chat with people we live with. We often hold complete discussions online and have nothing to say when we do meet. How crazy is that?

I very strongly sense the desire and longing in people to return to the real world, have real people around them and do real things. Humans are designed for that.

What progress??

If I use the right tools, I can make a monkey look like a superstar online. Don’t say you don’t agree.

A lot is left to imagination which is starting to depend heavily on screen displays.

So, where will life take us to next? Or, where will we take life to now?

Just thinking:)

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