Cleaning KSA


I am a Saudi with Pakistani citizenship.

How does that sound? Totally absurd..right? is true. You will find Saudis with Indian, Indonesian, Jordanian and even American citizenships.

These are people who have spent their whole lives in Saudi Arabia. They are very Saudized. They are also very loyal to Saudi Arabia because this is now their home.

As one of these “citizens”, I completely understand what today’s raids and Ministry of Labor actions are all about. I totally feel the need for it and I have been saying this for quite some time. I have seen the number of illegal immigrants rise and I have witnessed the rise in crimes too. I know that all residents have suffered here and so such an action was a need.

At the same time, I see the point of view of the expatriate and their concerns. I am both a Saudi and an Expatriate because I am able to switch roles anytime. Advantage? Yes! can be extremely depressing too.

Though I see a great change in environment ever since the raids started, I cannot but feel sorry for the innocent expatriates caught up in this. Many are victims and many simply unfortunate.

A saudi guy who is like my little brother became very emotional when he witnessed some cases that I got yesterday in my office. Cases of expatriates suffering from illegal status due to confusions caused by greedy sponsors.  He told me that if he was an expatriate…he would simply walk away never to return. I had an hour long talk with him after that.

Why does a Pakistani or Indian buy visas of Saudi Arabia? And.. why does a Saudi sell visas? Why is “free” visa advertised by these persons when there is no such thing?

A dirty game indeed!

The Ministries of Labor and Interior, after many years of silence have now decided to halt this illegal operation and implement the original law. And, I have been waiting for it.

There is a huge lesson in this temporary suffering for millions of people of Asia and Middle East. The top lesson being: respect for a brother’s country and space.

Greedy sponsors need to start working like normal people and stop selling their country for pennies. Criminals need to know that this will not be their playground and all expatriates need to know that they can work legally and have their rights secured if their initial approach is correct..and that is either entering as a Foreign investor. .or in a Job. ..or coming on a visit visa and not working OR properly being granted assylum. And, I think this time. .this information has been passed on to the world quite clearly.

Now..the damages.

There is a severe lack of workers. We do not have a tea boy in our office. Our maid does not come to work. Many establishments are closing down. And..this shows that some homework was not done before action was taken. The consideration for these issues that we could all forsee…was missing.

Bringing in a million legal people and deportation of a million illegals at the same time would be too much.


What if..there was a way to instantly legalize the “productive” and hard working illegal person on the spot. Somebody cleaning homes, cars and offices with an illegal status is not really a criminal..he/ she just needs to be documented. So why not do that on the spot? are under the sponsorship of Mr. X and I found you working in the office of Mr. Y…SO HERE..I am now putting you under the sponsorship of Mr.Y ..and I do not care what Mr. X thinks about this..And..Mr.Y now needs to pay you regular salary!

Thousands of people we really Need here would still be here and the cost of new recruitments could be saved.

Then …we would be left with hardcore criminals and those that just crossed borders without paper or consent. Those you arrest and deport or penalize. .depending on what they do and did..

What do you think?

Also, it is time to grant me..the Pakistani Saudi…the other Non Saudi Saudis who have lived here since birth and and are loyal to country and nation …who have worked to improve life here and who continue to add to the country..citizenship. It really is a Need. I personally do not care much as I love the whole of this Earth and am sensitive to all mankind…but thousands do. And they are an asset to KSA..

Be Honest.

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