Destruction due to Stupidity..


A man killed his first daughter just because his wife delivered a second daughter.. in Pakistan. A man married a small girl in Yemen..she died same night due to internal bleeding. And, so much more is going on with people in the Islamic world.

No one told him that the gender of a child depends on the father…this animal should have killed himself if he knew. …right?  STUPIDITY dictates that…

Can there be a worse time????

What is going on? I saw a video of rebel soldiers holding a Syrian army soldier and slaughtering him like they would a goat. In another video, the rebel cuts out the liver of a Syrian soldier and actually chews it. This is not warfare. This is psychos on the loose.

What do you call cutting up an already dead man and eating his organs? Bravery????  No…it is extreme stupidity..

Ok..this was the heavy stuff. Now, lets take a look at the usual stuff.

Every single principle stated clearly in the Quran and Hadith (sayings of the Prophet) is being violated openly and shamelessly and very bravely. People regret that they must indulge in interest, nurture the wrong fears in their hearts, backbite, misjudge and lie..but then say ” what can we do??” about the right thing stupid?

Here is whats going on:

There is no proper governance nor is education doing its job. In fact, education is pathetic and it is for sale. Anyone can be a teacher and they can teach anything they want. We educate our children to be part of society and confirm to it..not to really educate them. ” Be as stupid as the rest..son ” !!

Contradictory rules and norms have caused confusion and confusion has caused frustration..which in turn can and does cause Crime.

We really think that we have it all now..that there is nothing more to develop.
No! You are not educated if you learnt to speak English..or got a degree and now own a Mercedes.  You are still growing and learning.

When societies become what our societies are becoming, they perish. This universal rule will not change.

We need to stop. Fix. And, rebuild now.

We are in a time when honest simple people are unhappy and liars are having a party..and killing is like having tea. Will we ever reflect? Or shall we wait till death comes and just watch the movie of our pathetic lives helplessly and wait for judgement?

We have forsaken religion yet we claim it..we have lost all care for humanity yet we cry oppression…we love materialism yet we discuss simplicity..we live in great deception…and in Stupidity.

When will this change for the better????

Why is Stupidity considered Normal now??

2 thoughts on “Destruction due to Stupidity..

  1. I think we are all barbarians. At my advanced age I’ve decided not to try to understand any of it. What I am trying to do, thanks to Islam, is to be positive with everyone, to smile a lot of the time and to make eye contact with people (I know not common in Saudi). People smile back, let me into the grocery line when I have only a few items, are more willing to help me with a concern, open doors, have a quick conversation. Some days I return from shopping ecstatic about the nice people I’ve met. When I tell a stranger in a waiting room who is muttering about the ‘stupid Muslims’ that I’m a Muslim they look at my uncovered head and ask why am I not covered. I get to propound on a couple of positive things about Islam. This is all very simplistic but if I allowed the rapes in India and Yemen, the devastation in Syria, the environmental problems et al to overtake my life I’d be pushed into depression. It is just too overwhelming for one person with no power. Maybe my one act of kindness will initiate another act of kindness. It’s the only way I can cope in my safe corner of the world. Not that I wouldn’t be in the streets fighting for my country and packing a rocket launcher. I think your blog gets a lot of anger out of your system so that’s a good thing. As my husband’s best friend use to say, ‘Don’t let the buggers get to you.’ Peace, my friend.

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