Block an App, daily…


A whole generation of people that are now heavily dependent on mobile applications for a normal life live and breath on the Internet. To me, it is a very spiritual thing because it puts us in a trance like state where illusions, realities and even hallucinations may come to life.
The tool for this before the Internet was Imagination and Visualization through mind. A power we can use always. Something we switch on and off at will. Hmm…..too deep.

Internet, however, can be switched off anytime. And, if that happens, the result will not be too pretty.

Viber got blocked in KSA. They say they will block whatsapp and other such applications too. I see some amount of distress in people but then they have so many more options and apps. So, they may keep quiet about this.

Now, what if Internet was switched off completely and we were left with just cellphone and sms? How would life change? I would love to conduct a survey, and I did actually. A small one.

Many locals and expatriates of my age group and lifestyle actually were fascinated by the idea! We thought life would be so much more peaceful and quiet. But then, we don’t find international calling that expensive because we have our families here and really don’t call abroad that often. What about those that were really saving money through these apps. Those with much restricted and lower budgets? A majority, I discovered.

What will operators offer them if there are no apps?
Why not free calls?

Here is how: run a 30 second advertisement before call is connected. That’s all. You, the operator will make millions from this! Did anyone think of this?

No, as usual.

My dear, if you announce that you will ban Viber and whatsapp you can also announce that free calling is available for certain ‘sponsored’ packages. Makes sense?

What do applications do that you cannot do on a gsm / 3,4 G network? Nothing. You can enhance video calling, messaging and regular calls, maximize income through sponsor companies and put a smile on people’s faces.

One thing is for sure, you cannot block all applications as long as there is data services and if you block all data services you join the North Korean community! So, instead of killing competion….

….outshine it!!!!

You hear me STC, Mobile and Zain??

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