Why bother?


I have lost trust when it comes to media reports. And no matter what the report maybe, I would rather not react immediately.

These days there is talk of Prism and NSA . That they gather all data and communications from around the world and store it. That your privacy is under threat. And, people are actually reacting to this. Gosh!

They have been doing this since before the internet. Its just that back then their job was more difficult!
And, what do I care if they are? I have nothing to hide. Some guys might feel that the NSA may publish their private stuff. Paranoia.

They won’t. They would not care about nonsense. They are just securing governments and countries. Let them. Whether you want them to exist or not is a different issue. I think if you are an average guy living an ok life…thank God and stop playing the guy who will change the world. This illusion is caused by media and internet, and free time.
This earth belongs to God. He chooses who runs things and He chooses their duration of rule. So, stop messing with this. Its a waste of time.

If something is not bothering you directly, keep cool.

You see, no channel on earth, no medium will give you the Real picture because they themselves do not have and can never have the real picture!
So, there are always too many don’t knows in every situation.

Because of this and since all aspects of events In distant lands or even our own land are not shown or known to us, lets not react..

I agree that governments of the world today are not transparent. They never were. They are not burger joints also.

So, why bother?

One thought on “Why bother?

  1. We had a guard dog just like this one but he’d be on the sofa.
    Chill. Life’s all about family and friends. Gov’ts come and go. Some not quickly enough.

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