Risk: Definition


Is there a definition of risk?

Many definitions actually! Also, many criteria for risk. In fact, each person has their own definition if risk. What you may call a risk, I may not and vice versa.

Leaving a job you are unhappy with may be perceived as a risk by you. But, it may be perceived as the right thing to do by me.
Belief plays a big role in how we define risk and what action we call a risk.

A risk is usually an action one takes without being able to evaluate or be certain about the outcome. Again, belief. The person that believes in an Unseen support system, may go ahead and take risks. And, the person that depends and believes in the principles of apparent and seen ’cause & effect’ processes may seek to always ‘minimize’ risk. So, is there a right and wrong here?

There is actually.

The importance of belief cannot be questioned. Human beings are granted positions and honors because of certain beliefs they may have nurtured in the hearts. Because these beliefs are what create their perceptions and those perceptions determine the attitudes and actions of people. Thus, their risk taking abilities.

So a risk taken due to a strong and correct belief will lead to success and a risk taken due to lack of belief, ego and uncertainty will lead to disaster. A classic example of this is the story of Moses and Pharoah. Moses took a risk because of faith and the sea split apart for him, and Pharoah took a risk for his ego and stubbornness and that same Sea killed him…
There is message in This for the wise..

This is how you evaluate risk. And so you will define it…

Enjoy friday.

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