New System: Changes


The idea of a ‘new system’ has spread like wild fire all over the world. In some places, it has caused revolutions. In others, demonstrations and in many places a silent, internal protest within the people.

No, we cannot blame anyone for it. This is how humans grow. This is how mankind moves on and newer realities come to be. Life is such.
But, no pain no gain. Change can be painful too. In some places, it has come with killing and bloodshed. It comes through takeovers and sudden events. And so it has happened since the beginning of time.

Humans grow from one mind set to another. And, even though old timers don’t want to let go of what was, what is to be shall be.
Good or bad, change is inevitable. Time stops for no one.

Not just my country, every country is suddenly experiencing change. Or at least, talk of major changes. Whole populations, people come out on the streets and shout for ‘change’. I am sure many of them don’t even know what change they are asking for. They just want change. No, they are not crazy. They are just doing what humans have done for centuries. Restructuring¬† life. Finding new meanings. Moving with time.

Don’t make it a big deal. Don’t revolt and don’t react so much. Things will change no matter what you do or don’t do. It’s just that if you shout change now, you will feel that you were a part of it when it actually occurs. Though you were not really. It had to happen, so it happened.

The biggest change that I see happening is the change in people. Change in thought and perception. Lesser or no fear.


Let’s see what the next few years bring us.

One thought on “New System: Changes

  1. You are right about that and when change happens new powers emerge and old ones give way. One of the new power becomes a superpower whose systems other countries adopt or imitate because its systems happen to be the most superior. But all this just does not occur by itself. It all happens for a reason. It happens because the All Mighty Creator has willed so in his immense wisdom which only He knows. Allah gives equal opportunity to every nation or set of people so they may excel over others and establish peace and justice in the world but when they fail to do that Allah replace’s them with other nations who will do that.

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