The Blame Master


If you ever see a person blaming another person for any trouble or misery they may be in, know that this person is a loser of the highest calibre.

A loser basically does not have good friends or even a life. They will always claim that if certain conditions were to be or if certain people were different, they would be positive and productive. The fact is, they are what they are by choice. It is not becauae of anyone, it is because of them! Give them the ideal according to them and they will be the same…

Yes, the one that blames others the most is the one most worthy of blame…

A refined and positive mind, and this has been shown to us in many people throughout history, will do something great even if locked in a prison cell. And a blaming loser will continue crying and blaming even in the best possible scenario. This also has been shown to us in a variety of people and nations throughout history.

I know a huge majority that blames government and leaders day and night.  And they themselves are losers who have nothing to show for themselves and I know a minority that focuses on personal goals, missions and positivity totally discarding even the thought of blaming anyone. These are the most successful  and happy in any community or group.

Lets stop the blame game and focus on our beings and hearts to grow and be better people!

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