Life is full of traps. Places..ideas..concepts..even people that seem so attractive but in time prove to be your greatest problem.  A trap is what you get stuck in. What you hate but have to live with and cannot get out. Trap. You get trapped. In a a mental state or by a person. Traps all over the place.

Of course,  a trap will never have warning signs. It will be wonderful and inviting from the outside. Welcoming.  You will happily walk into it. Then…the door will close. You are trapped!  Just like a rat attracted to cheese. Cheese placed in a trap.

I got what a trap is..

My point: before you make a decision, go anywhere, accept an offer, invest, marry, persue something or someone….think..and pray..what we muslims call Istikhara. Letting your creator decide for you. No, you do not need to keep falling and rising and falling into traps. That is the wisdom of the fools that did not understand their position and the ability of their God yet. You can be above them.  What He chooses for you may not be attractive or wonderful like those traps..but it will definitely not be a trap.

Even if you are not religious or say not even a muslim..try this. Before doing anything..take a deep breath and whisper to God: you know better..please decide for me. And then..walk on. It will work out in your favor. ..

Enjoy your weekend:)

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