Shortage of Labor

We have projects. Companies want to sign 5 year contracts with us so we can provide them with man power. They need up to 500 people. But, we don’t have the people!

A ‘visa’ agent came to our office. He had 400 visas available for Pakistan. He wanted to sell them. He seemed desperate. So, I called a local man power company and asked what the situation with visas is now?

He said this: if you call any agent even in Pakistan, he will tell you he has 500 labor visas at his office, but no one wants them! Maybe if they give it away for free, there may be some interest.

Indians and Pakistanis are not interested in paying to be here. Employers have to hire properly and Pay!

Also, labor here are not much interested in renewing their iqamas. My (free visa) driver just left on exit only with a smile. He said living here was pointless with the new expenses!

Shortage of labor folks!

This will kill the visa sellers! Maybe that was the target of the labor office. And, it will be achieved!

Local businessmen, sponsors and all those that have been making unholy money out of expatriate should either diversify or learn the art of begging. There is no third option. The government policy has changed and people looking for work here are becoming wise. This destroys the old demand and supply routine.
Though projects may suffer for a while, I think balance will finally be achieved.

Few things need to be added to this though: intensive training programs, counselling and education for locals.

I guess the days of the ‘wild wild west’ are over for KSA…


One thought on “Shortage of Labor

  1. Dear Mr Ali,

    You have a valid point here. I am in The Kingdom for less than a year working on projects, and I am already seeing acute shortage of Labor . I think people who cannot afford to save some money, are leaving and back in their hometowns , they are discouraging the people to Came to K.S.A. If this happens in a mass scale, every project will have a cost overshoot and delay, which further delays the progress. Being an Indian and working here for one year, I see a bright future for KSA and people like me too, who come here to save for our families. Labor shortage will affect all in general.

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