Stop Pestering Others!

Stop Pestering ME!

Here is what has happened to our society:

We find one guy who is nice and helps us. Then we screw him until he gets very upset and hurts us, then we complain about him. We even curse him…
People are not only self-centered now, but retarded too. Instead of being grateful to those that help, we are RUDE to them if they fail to deliver for whatever reason. And, we expect no reaction.

Dear, people are now getting PHYSICAL in reaction, not just reacting.

We read the news and hear of one guy shooting another guy and we think it is for no reason. There is always a reason. Either right or wrong, a man pulls the trigger for a reason. This reason is what defines him. And I am sad to say, most definitions are sickening.

What is worse is that I get to see this drama of bad behavior, injustice, stupidity and selfishness in our “muslim” populations. Everything “BAD” we used to do in hiding before, we do openly and shamelessly and call it our WAY of life now. Do you know the result of this? The severest punishment from God… He takes away our intelligence, dignity and peace and throws us in the pit of despair and no hope. And, look around you, don’t you see this a lot? I do. My advising and commenting and writing does no good. It adds to assumptions in many minds…

No one really needs anyone. No one is indispensible and everyone can create something or do something worthwhile. Only if they can clean the garbage that occupies their minds and then pollutes it to a level where they are worse than animals.

Yesterday I saw one cat KILL another cat and then try to eat it. Reflection of what humans are doing on many different levels? It is.

When one has no focus left on REALITY, they start to focus on who is around them. And, that is NEVER a good idea. Because then everyone starts to pester everyone. And then , everyone starts reacting and trouble begins!

Dependency on any human being for anything will bring some disappointment and hurt too. The only way to be patient with others is to expect nothing from them…and appreciate them for who they are or how ever they are. We are to PESTER no one but our OWN minds…

If we want peace.. that is..

One thought on “Stop Pestering Others!

  1. ”Yesterday I saw one cat KILL another cat and then try to eat it. Reflection of what humans are doing on many different levels? It is.” lol

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