The Privilege

House maids, drivers, cleaners and other such staff are vital, I am sure we all agree. So are policemen, fire fighters and guards. How much do we appreciate them in our countries? How much do we appreciate them in KSA? No matter how much we praise them, do we pay them right?

Today, whether you sponsor your labor or not, they can make you fall to the ground simply by refusing to work. And, they are doing that. Salaries are going up whether you like it or not.

Having staff is a privilege, not a Right..people here should start to realize..both Saudi and non Saudi. They should have realized this a long time ago. But, it took and is taking many instances of rebellion from staff for them to start thinking, sadly. Today, in all honesty, the privileged class is the labor class and they are even developing the attitude to show this and remind us.

Do not mess with says clearly on their forehead and expression ” you need me, I don’t need you, because everyone needs me- you lazy lumps of corruption!”

I find this development fascinating. I have always maintained that these people are very important so respect them. They clean our mess!

I was imagining that for a day even, if labor in KSA refuse to work..what would happen. Imagine that! All hell would break lose. I recently heard that Sri Lanka has stopped sending house maids to KSA. This, after Philippines renegotiated salaries! My dear, slavery does not go well with the current setup of this world. You slap them, they slap you. It is that simple. Them being slapped by you has been the norm but you being slapped by them is great humiliation..

Police officers, I have always felt, get less than they deserve. The CEO of a company does not die to protect you, an officer does..

Yes, I pay my staff well. I respect them and I am always grateful for their excellent service. I HAVE to overlook many of their mistakes as there is a God that overlooks mine!

Be so, to be privileged, have a bigger heart than your pocket. Just being rich does not make you win hearts.

Phew!!..when will humans learn to be humans…

3 thoughts on “The Privilege

  1. Nice! Thanks Ali. You know I always beleived that we can always do “well” by doing “good.” It just takes some long term thinking which is something I think most of us lack in this soceity where the focus is on making too much money too soon regardless of other logical factors that should go in.

    I accidentely came across a radio show with you few days ago. I never listened to the station as I think it’s targeted to non-Saudis. I think you spoke a lot of sense. I couldn’t agree with you more on the issue of Saudis and expatriats not mingling enough and all the problems that ensue from that in a country where close to a quarter of the population is made of expats.

    I meet some very close friends who happend to live few miles away from my place and who were pakistanies while in the US! Why couldn’t this happen in my home country?

    Things that could help:
    -integrating schools more in some capacity
    -finding public forums where ideas, conversations and meetings can be exchanged
    -holding more joint event

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts Ali. If more expats like you spoke to more Saudis (myself included)..I guess we would have a better society that we all can share.

    • Thank you very much for listening to the show.. You also..have made some good points in your comment and it would be nice to keep telling all we know of that ‘gaps’ are filled..


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