Too much Communication

The more we know of each other, the more is revealed to us..the more contempt and hatred there may be.

Once upon a time, we were told tales and stories were published in digests and magazines. We used to buy the newspaper in the morning. Simpler times..

We were not all ‘connected’ all the time. We were not all available and we had more time to analyze our feelings and thoughts before we related them to anyone.
Now, we post everything, anytime and anywhere on facebook and people do and CAN read between the lines or simply bloody well ASSUME..and create an opinion or entertain a thought about us. A thought that grows into a tree of facts and assumptions that define us to them soon enough:)

Back in the day, stress and anxiety was less. Little things made us happy and society WAS cleaner than it is now..

We now live with everyone in our phone book on our cellphones. Don’t we? Constant updates.

Caliph Ali once said something that makes a lot of sense today: The way to stop evil from spreading, stop talking about evil.

Believe it or not, when a ‘creative’ and ‘hideous’ crime is highlighted in the news, most of humanity may hate it and condemn the crime but many psychos get a ‘new’ idea and then carry out a similar crime..

What’s happened is that whatever good or bad humanity had has been magnified and shown to the most innocent of minds..heads burdened with useless information..rise in illusions and weird reactions.

In the good old times, we had more time and now we want a day to be 36 hours long so that we can finish all that we need to do. We get no time for ourselves.

We are not ‘located’ anymore because through a single number, anyone can reach us anywhere we maybe. Thus, we don’t build bases creatively..we just download applications..
The old, the young and the innocent are all easily and daily exposed to anything and everything. Kids see and hear stuff that they really should not..

We hardly all sit and converse properly..we keep getting distracted by ‘updates’ and messages and various on electronic communication gadgets we are now incomplete without. We are all communication freaks:)

If you think about it, most of our communications from behind the veil of the internet or gadgets is pointless, though some maybe important. Our problem is that someone gives us a meter, we want a mile!

We have easy communication, good! We can choose to control it and stick to the ‘urgent’ and ‘important’. But, do we?

Too much communication may not be all that great…
….after all..

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