Source of Policy..?


Do you know what separates a Muslim country from a non Muslim country? The sources its government uses to develop and execute all policy. As simple as that.

At the time of Harun Al Rasheed…there was not a single poor person in the whole of the Islamic Empire which extended from Spain to China. This was discovered when Zakat was collected but no one needed it. What policy did this Caliph apply?

A more important question would be: what stops our current leaders from applying the same policies? What sources do we use to create policy for governance? Not the Quran and Sunnah ..for sure!

Because if we did, people would be content and happy. Islamic governance is not about banning alcohol, prostitution and covering up women and locking them up! It is about equal rights, fair and proper taxation, flexible rules and Security of all Muslims and non Muslims alike on the land.

If this was happening in “Muslim” countries..we would have no protests and we would have no issues. But it is not and it is quite obvious that all setups are based on a variety of policies adopted from other nations and their sources. Not the Quran nor the Sunnah . The inevitable result of which will always be the violation if rights, poverty and subsequently protests and chaos. EGYPT is a good example..

Allah has said it clearly in the Quran that either you implement the whole book or you will face humility on Earth.

Be it Palestinians, Pakistanis, GCC , Africa…no “Muslim” country is really all Muslim nor is it a progressive nation learning through trial and error like Western nations.. And they cannot be so after proclaiming Islam.. The winners and Rulers are Westerners today solely because they do not claim religion in Governance. They damage in stupidity and we damage knowingly…big difference and different reactions from the universe..

We need to shape up!

Consider all foreign, internal and economic policies of the majority of the Muslim world…are they based on The Quran and Sunnah ?

A big NO.

Taxation is only Zakat. NO Muslim is superior to another on and so forth…all of which is openly, shamelessly violated and men of authority will tell you they were inspired by an article written by some guy somewhere to formulate a policy. A policy that could easily destroy many innocent lives because it is not based on the divine wisdom of God but some guys perception which could be totally twisted and matter what worldly institution backs it!

We never learn from history until we perish and become part of history!

Google this: Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad and then analyze our nations…


One thought on “Source of Policy..?

  1. Good article but who is listening I need to put my personal interests first then make use of interest for my finances and home economics. :-)

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