Random thoughts..silent winter..


There is always something missing. There will always be something missing..lets take that for granted…

We may get it all..but we always seek something. Nothing is complete. Nothing is whole. This is because motion and change is constant. It is the only thing that is constant. At times pleasing and at times very distressing. We continue the journey.

Somethings.. we will never know in this world. We will keep assuming and building stuff on those assumptions. At times being right and at times being frustrated with our persistent ignorance. Let us accept that.. Ignorance forced upon us for some reason. We cannot know it all while alive. We keep learning and the journey seems endless.

I am learning to let things be as they are and let people be as they want to be..no matter how it seems to me. Everyone is moving at their own pace..I am moving at mine. I may be much slower or much faster then them..but how does that matter? We will all reach there in time..at our own times..anyway.

We advise..point out..warn and present facts..Yet, most people do as they please. The only reason we do advise and point out is because maybe at some point in their journey..in the future maybe..they may remember and use that advice or knowledge. It is a human being’s  duty..to show the right direction if they know the right direction and it is human nature to err…let us just not take everything so seriously anymore..and let joy step in..the joy of acceptance..closure.

Winter is here..and it will get colder.Soon, it will be more cloudy..soon, birds will rest in their nests..and many creatures will hibernate ..soon..the night will be dark and cold…..get yourself a cup of coffee..come..sit with me..and lets talking about everything and nothing..lets be silent..reflect…and enjoy the cold..silent nights..


13 thoughts on “Random thoughts..silent winter..

  1. I guess nothing is complete or whole until we die.Yes, move to your own ‘inner music’.

    Cold? I laugh. Have you had the pleasure of January in the far north when it’s -50º C? You’re car is plugged in when it’s not running and truckers don’t turn their engines off for any reason. Your eyes tear up then freeze. Any exposed flesh is frostbitten in seconds. My parents lived in such a climate and loved it. Go figure. It was all about the people they met.

    Looking forward to an internet coffee to talk about everything and nothing. Do you have a fireplace? Makes everything perfect.

    ‘Cold and silent night’….made me start to hum ‘Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright…’ A month today until Christmas. Scholars think that is not the date of the birth of Jesus but that he was born in the spring. What does Islam believe?

    • This cold is bad enough for me to even imagine the cold you talk about, lol.

      In the Quran there is no indication of the date Jesus was born on, though I am sure some scholars can figure it out. His was an amazing birth and time on earth..

  2. Life’s fulfilment is in being content with what you have and own rather than worrying about what you don’t. Moving at a medium pace seems ideal, not too slow or too fast. Always wait think, observe and plan then make a move, then leave the rest to Allah.
    I always felt that the things I really wished for moved really far away from me. When I really didn’t bother about them they were easy to attain.
    The coldest weather experiences were in Darjeeling school morning exercises and working outdoors in -5 degrees C in UK. Now when I look back I really enjoyed both the experiences.

  3. Muslims believe that there was a bright star in the sky which the scholars from the east (india) observed when Jesus (peace be upon him) was born. No date of birth is given. His ministry lasted just 3 years and he didn’t die was just taken up by Allah. He was the only prophet who did not get married unlike all other prophets.. Jesus will return to complete his time on earth and then die.
    Also when prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born on that night a light appeared in Hijaz filling the whole world and moving eastward.

  4. SA-thanks for info re Jesus. Not that much different from I’ve learned except for the resurrection of Jesus. Won’t all prophets return – maybe at the Day of Judgement?

    Ali-Don’t know how old you are but I think that contentment comes with age. Youth explore, test, experiment, strive – bet you were both like this, know I was. Maybe you’ve reached an age you can just let things be and enjoy what you have.

    Snow-You probably had snow in Darjeeling and the UK and I think it snows in the mountains in northwest Saudi. Get out your snowboards and skis! Or trek off to Dubai to ski and skate indoors. Surreal. Are there any skating rinks in Saudi?

  5. We have a detail narration in a Hadith about Jesus coming and what will happen during his rule. The space is limited to allow the whole narration.

    We are both in early 40s even though we may experiment and try certain things we were taught as kids to be content with what we have and look at those unfortunate who don’t have even the basics, this is what Islam teaches. One of reasons of Ramadan fasting is to experience the hunger of those without food or drink.
    Darjeeling was cold didn’t see snow there coz had to leave school for winter breaks experienced snow only in Europe & Canada.

    Malls in Jeddah have ice skating rings. Haven’t seen any in Riyadh yet.

  6. What were you doing in Canada? University?

    Ice rinks in Jeddah? My daughter could teach figure skating to the rich kids. Next time I’m in Jeddah I’m going skating! Is there ice hockey?

    Interesting comment about your youth. We urge our youth to change what they don’t like (political action), to improve themselves and the lives of others (social responsibility), to be successful in a job they like (education), to invent and create, to basically leave this world a better place than they were born in to. Of course some become undesirable citizens or just drift along, unmotivated, drinking and doing drugs. Such a waste.

    • I was in Canada for immigration but couldn’t go live there long term so dropped the idea. Ice hokey only for kids, unfortunately no adult women allowed in the skating ring.

      Yes we should find more solutions to problems for poverty in the third world but corruption will not seize in third the world hence there will always be poor to feed. Yes we should teach our kids to be more creative & socially active instead of thinking its only governments responsibility. Guess importing systems from first world without having any infrastructure & education system to support it or run it efficiently turns out only followers not creators.

  7. There will always be poor in any country under any system. I don’t think any country should be importing any system. Examine, pick the parts that work for you, and establish the ground work. It would be a disaster for Saudi to adopt our education system as a whole. When I did ‘Change’ workshops I always asked the participants what they wanted to keep, get rid of, change, or add and we used that as our planning model. Change should be slow and well planned. Arabs were once the intellectual leaders of the world. What happened? Don’t answer. That’s a year’s course at university.

    Adult women can’t skate?! Why am I not surprised. I love Saudi people, many parts of the culture and religion but some rules just drive me crazy… can’t travel alone, can’t go to sporting events, can’t play sports, no movies, plays, can’t be around unrelated men…argh. But it’s your country and when I’m there I’m only a guest so I’ll shut up.

    Off to see a movie.

    • Having grown up here am a guest too. I just consider myself citizen of the world. Rather than belonging to one country I’d rather consider the whole world my country. Having traveled vastly just enjoyed every country & culture. Was born in India.

      Enjoy the movie.

      • I like your idea of being a citizen of the world. More of us should adopt that ideal. Sorry for not being clear that I understood what you meant re imitating any system. Movie was ‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel, a French-Canadian author. Director was Ang Lee who created a visually stunning 3D movie set partly in Pondicherry, India. Pi finds the best parts of 3 religions (Christianity, Islam, Hindusim) and finds proof of God. I highly recommend the book and the movie.

        Have you been to the west coast of Canada?

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