Rich & Poor: Attitude

Are you extremely rich? Or are you poor? Are you somewhere in the middle? hehehe….

This blog is about being rich and being poor.

Richness of the mind is the great level of awareness it has. How far does it see and how much does it cater too. How flexible is your mind? You see, flexibility is being able to change and adopt and be in charge of whatever hits the mind before reacting to it. Control emotion. Shall you react or shall you not?

A man doing a job that pays him 10k a month can be rich and a man making 100k per month can be extremely poor. Depends entirely on attitude and perception. How they both spend money and deal with finance is what defines their status in reality.

What kills us is competing with someone. What kills us is living a life society decides for us and not what WE are comfortable with. What kills us is not being able to adopt change. What kills us is the worry for expense and not income. What kills us is US.

How rich or how poor I am remains a mystery to all those that know me. For one, I never discuss income and expense with friends and family. Secondly, I never buy things to SHOW you that I can buy them, I buy them if I need them, love them, enjoy them or find comfort in them. I have no care nor concern for WHAT people may think about me IF I wear this or use that or drive that…No care whatsoever. These concerns are what build up a cheap, weak and ‘about to degenerate’ mind. And such minds are common. Thus, POVERTY, LOANS, ISSUES and chaos!

Yes, you can be rich with a small salary and you can be poor with a high income. ALL DEPENDS on your attitude to life. Why care about those that do not pay your bills in the end? So what if they don’t meet you for who you are? Do you really need fake people around you? Is that such a big need? Are you the fool that loves to be fooled? Or, do you have the “star complex” , a mental disorder?

Life is about being you and being happy. And that is RICH. It is not about being how you think you should be and being miserable. Being miserable is being POOR. Stop being poor. Destroy this poverty of the mind. Be rich for a change. Be happy.

The game of STATUS and living up to society is a never ending, sick and damaging game. Do not play it. Never.

Today, I was driving around the city helping my brother in law look for a new house to rent. And, I thought of something. What we call the “low” areas in Riyadh are not really so low. You get electricity, water, air conditioning.. everything. SO why do we call them low? Quality of people. I was imagining this to be a refined society. That building with little shops and small apartments where labor work outside, could actually have been a great FUN place – HAD everyone been happy. But, you see, people are no longer growing or having fun. People of all levels. They are either surviving or too busy showing off or competing..being miserable and causing misery. So, life is JUST about being rich and poor in terms of money. Nothing else. Darkness.

I am not subjected to such a life because I CHOOSE not to be. And, honestly, I have not had to pay such a terrible price. Lost some people.. but hey! Who cares about them?

My lifestyle does not change no matter how much money comes and goes. If I was to tell someone the number of bills and expenses I have , they would faint. But, does it matter? Does expense matter? If it is needed, cater. But buy what you love, buy comfort, buy what you like but never buy so that you can maintain or create an image for society… that is simply STUPID. No, you do not need to wear BRAND names.. wear what makes you comfortable. Comfort and happiness is what makes you feel royal. Everything else is just discomfort and a problem. Life is precious, don’t waste it being bothered about nonsense.

Making money is ONLY a big deal IF you make it a big deal. If your focus is on mental growth, money is just another cool project where challenges are welcomed and faith is refined! But, making an X amount of money or playing with millions is not RICH to me. It is BUSY. Rich is simply.. being very happy.

It is this mental attitude that will make the universe serve you and enable you to experience life on all levels. No, you will never be in need. Ever. That is a promise. Refine the attitude by changing perception and that can only happen when belief in God is pure and faith is the logical choice. The mind will grow and life will be good.. and you Will be RICH.

Good night Riyadh..

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