One with Nature..Submission

If you imagine that you are the only human being on Earth, you will imagine how peaceful and quiet this Earth will be. There will be no noise. No disturbance. No killing. No destruction nor construction. All of what is happening around you will not be happening. That is how Earth probably was before man occupied it. Happily peaceful.

I consider this Earth a living planet. And, it houses us. Safeguards our bodies and nurtures us. We, on the other hand, destroy as much as we can. So, sometimes it shakes. Sometimes it blows and some times it floods. And, it hurts us. We go against nature, nature goes against us. Though nature is much more patient with us then we are with nature. For centuries, it keeps silent and for centuries we go against it..
Then, a single shake kills millions of us!

The tragedy is, we are part of all nature. The only difference between us and everything else on Earth, and in the Universe, is that we keep making choices and it has already made its choice. The choice to follow the path ordained by its Creator. The Creator ordered it to do something, it did. We got guidelines too, we chose otherwise. And that’s when we went against our own nature and nature itself and the very Earth we live on. So all of it acted against us too. Disease, harsh weathers, drought and destructive creatures..all against us.

Here is the point: all of creation except us Submits to God completely and so it is only us that suffers and causes suffering. Submission to God is following the natural and ordained path leading to growth and not submitting means being lost, in search, frustrated and so destructive too. Mostly, self destructive due to various pains and losses and wrong perceptions.. due to the inability to see what is really right.

Submission to God leads to oneness with nature and so all nature nurtures you and opens doors for you. A very different growth and development to the commonly used methods with fake definitions of growth. A science and education and art is Submission to God and man finds his true potential only through it. It is the only way to peace..

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