Every moment we spend in despair or anger, every moment we spend hating someone and every moment we spend in sin is a waste of something very dear and precious to and for us: our time.
We waste time and money with no care and then we cry for time and money so much!

I was switching channels on TV and I came across a channel: Eurotic TV. It has a whole bunch of girls doing a live show. They all have headsets, which means they receive calls. Now, we all know that a call to them would be very expensive. What surprised me was that the 5 to 8 girls on this live show had a call ALL the time. Guys requesting them to do various stuff. Of course, the men calling gained nothing but a kick and I don’t know what pleasure. The cost of it? Make a wild guess!

Years and fortunes are wasted by us and we think it is all normal. A lot of what we do is a waste of time.

7 years of my life have gone by. So much has happened. And, I have not met so many of my relatives and loved ones around the world. What am I doing here? One business conquest after the other. Is this what I was born to do? Work day and night and make money? Then buy things with that money?
Its what my father did for 45 years. In the process, we lost touch with everything in our own country and never really bonded with anything in this country. A country my father chose to work in when he had the world to choose from. A country that has no regard for our time spent here. A country where all our work means nothing. A country that will never make you a citizen. A complete and utter Waste of time and resource.
Why do we seriously and consciously waste our time and resources on useless and pointless things?

I have tried my best not to waste my time by giving all I had to every moment I got so far. But, you see, here is the problem. Someone else wasting their time will waste so many other peoples’ time! And, so it is like a vicious circle.

All poverty, wars, tragedies and issues on Earth exist because some guys somewhere chose to waste their time, mind and resources in something useless. Something like showing off, something like an argument and something like hatred or a wrong notion..And, one day, they will regret it. Why?
What retardation is that?

What benefit can any mortal get by wasting the life of another mortal or his/her own?

You know, sometimes just sitting there and doing nothing but being at peace is the greatest honor you can give to time. Because, you may act or do something that may lead to waste. Why waste anything?

Yes, the way to not waste is to slow down. Running around, causing things to be is not productivity. In our quest to achieve, we overlook what really needs our time. We run. We bang doors. We make long calls. We travel. Days pass, years pass, life ends and there is still so much pending.

The most important consideration on earth is the human being. Family. People around us. We give them no time.
The guy calling that dancer on Eurotic Tv could spend that money buying a gift for someone in his family, maybe his wife or his mother? The dancer on the TV channel could be spending her time raising a child or taking care of a lonely elderly person somewhere instead of selling her body. This would be respect for time and money. Not chasing money and wasting time!
We waste our time with the popular notion that time is money. It is not! Time is your moments on Earth for your Creator and your loved ones and humanity. Money is a means. Something that follows you when you are not wasting time.
Look around. Analyze. Most of the ‘serious’ stuff going on is ONLY a waste of time and resource without consideration for the most precious thing on Earth: the human being!

You built a bridge that takes people across the river: GREAT! You built the tallest building on Earth: WHY? Why when so many are homeless? It would be great if you announced that this building will house the homeless..haha! But who would do that? We prefer to waste our time in false glory and petty competition! A few hundred million that built the tower could wipe out poverty in a country for the sake of God man!


Please, don’t waste your life..

3 thoughts on “Waste

  1. Ali – Boy, aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine this morning. I like reading your blog because it transports me to an exotic place, culture, and a different set of problems. For a few minutes it distracts me from my busy, and some times depressing, life of caring for an ailing husband and an elderly mother. Both of whom are precious treasures. Can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. If you want to talk about waste and despair….are you following the US election? I am bloody nervous for Obama and worry for the world if Mitt the Twit wins.

    Saudi constantly surprises me. You get Eurotic TV? Must be via satellite. Hope you didn’t waste too much time watching it :)))

    • Thank you:)
      Hope your husband and mom get well soon.
      Since tv channels come in through satelite, you can actually watch anything you want to.
      Not following the elections yet, will see outcome. The debates get to me.

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