Our Center: RRT

So, here we are..
Finally, I am launching my center and network in KSA. Apart from me and a few others, everyone is Saudi. Why am I stressing on everyone being Saudi? To make a point with action. A point I have already made. That I can hand pick people and create a highly effective, productive and motivated team of Saudis that will do projects and works which will serve this country and be instrumental in changing the negative image of Saudis in the minds of expatriates living here.
It was not easy. It was tough. I have worked and worked since 2003 to come here. My claim in Arab News is a reality.


ASCS,VRS and RRT will operate with two Saudi partners, their teams, my teams and our teams. We will launch new foreign setups, portals, services and we will counter everyday issues with strategies we create, finance and produce for the KSA market. We will resolve financial issues, business issues, legal issues and launch innovative services. Inshallah.

All of us work..as a team. I have no exclusive office in the facility. I have a conference table and you can meet me there.

What is business? It is what one chooses to be busy with. What should one be busy with? Something productive for oneself and for mankind. Life is not all about making money. Life is about using money for a good purpose. And that is how we have chosen to invest. A good team is people that have a good chemistry and stand united. We reach that point after going through a series of positive and negative experiences. We did.

Why do I call it center and not a corporation or something? Because our mission is not just making money. It is Development of people where we live and thus betterment of society. And, this, I do wish, would be every company’s mission!

Wish us luck and pray for us..

6 thoughts on “Our Center: RRT

  1. My best wishes to you & may Allah grant you great success in your mission. Hope you will be successful in running your business with Islamic principles of dealings with people and businesses and not the Capitalstic structures of greed & selfishness where the current rhetoric of idiots is achieve sales target at all costs and every employee is a salesman. The third world fools are following this stupid idea without asking any questions. Until the idiots decide to change this line of thought the fools of the third world will keep at it and change once the new orders are received.

  2. Thanks. Bear with me… you’ve changed the process but not the content. To ask this in a different way…the same job and aims but with a different delivery system?

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