Constant Discovery

My concerns and ideas may have been different if I lived elsewhere maybe. Maybe I would be concerned about other things, write differently or maybe not write at all. Maybe I would be able to act more, maybe not at all.
We change with territory. So much on Earth to talk about, work on and define. So much in a person to discover. So much that is seen and so much that is unseen. Surely, a lifetime can never be enough. We cannot conclude while alive. We close the doors for new information and discovery when we do that. We stop growing the day we think we have ‘grown’. I don’t think I can completely grow even in a thousand years…

We can be definite about the path we choose, the belief we nurture and way we operate..but we continuously grow. We continue to learn. All is destroyed when we think we know it all. Just to think we don’t know it all enables us to be patient with what frustrates most. This realization that we still don’t know a lot keeps the excitement of life alive, and so we live..even after we ‘die’..because we are discovering. Our own self and the universe.

I have often been accused of changing an opinion about persons, things and places. I have often been accused of being too moody. Well, if I was ignorant one day and enlightened the next day, its bad? I quite happily admit that there is a lot I don’t know and I can be wrong. Man cannot be ‘fixed’ or completely stable right now because man is not yet complete in growth. He will be one day and that day has not come yet. We will all experience it when it does come.

Science has not concluded anything about anything, it is a continuous process. Any form of science, art, learning, skill, is a continuous process that leads to newer discoveries. I have been reading Quran since I was 20. From my first read to my most recent one and each time I read, I discover and learn something new.. I have some basic guidance as to what is good for me and what is not from God, but more than rules and ritual, God has set us on a journey of self discovery and growth from the time we submit..and even if we don’t. Receiving guidance is not completion, it is initiation.

The true master of any discipline will tell you that they are still learning and growing. They will not tell you that they have reached the final level of their discipline. They will tell you that they know what is known and they are now searching for what is not..

You have concluded if you have decided that you are poor, lonely, old, rich or whatever. You have halted your growth by adopting or accepting the conclusions of other people or your own. You have stopped your beautiful journey..

Don’t feel despair or great pride in whatever you are in.. You are moving whether you know it or not..make the journey enjoyable by having the right approach.. That of learning and discovery..

3 thoughts on “Constant Discovery

  1. It’s implicit that if one learns and grows one’s opinions may, and probably should, change. Curiosity. Hunger for knowledge. Questioning. If we don’t do these things we’re mentally dead before we die.

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