Comment about Israel..

“Throughout your blog you keep saying that Muslims are fixated on money. I read much of your blog and there is no mention of the constant murder of Muslim children by Israel. Am I supposed to take you seriously?” says “RIBY” on the ABOUT RRT page..

If you go to my ABOUT page on this blog, you will see this comment by a reader. I also commented on this saying : I have a view but it is better I don’t express it..( cannot go back and copy paste)..

Well, I changed my mind. I think I will express it.

Constant murder of Muslim children by Israel. Yes.. true. May Allah almighty CURSE the soldier that shoots at a child, may that soldier suffer eternally and without mercy! I curse those soldiers for shooting and killing innocent civilians of Palestine. They WILL pay the price and heavy it will be. Throughout history they have shown only failure, disrespect for Prophets, and ego. They have been massacred by Nazis and they themselves have massacred others..and then in turn they massacre gets sicker and sicker..

In their recent history, they have crossed the limits of decency and displayed acts that makes them look like wild creatures..


When wild creatures attack a gated community, if gated, then the one held responsible for the damage they cause is the person that opened the gates for them. 

So, one cannot sit there cursing the wild creatures all the time. We start to question the loyalty of the one that opened the gates and let the wild creatures in. Right?

I could have written a longer blog.. but, someone with HALF a brain will understand the point I am making..

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