If you are not dedicated to whatever it is you do, stop doing it. That is my bottom line. And, it is something I have always done too.
Each human being specialising in one thing and doing it with total dedication is what makes a society really productive. But, it also counters the slavery of money. The slavery of illusion and chaos. That is why I need to write this blog.
Doing a job to pay expenses is fine. But is that all you want to do in life? Get by?

No wonder there is no dignity of labour anymore.

We are not taught to find ourselves. To find that one thing we absolutely love to do. I find that the majority of our nation have no clue about what they are Really good at and what they Really like doing. You may find a doctor who would rather be singing and you may find an engineer who would rather be making coffee! And this is what adds to their frustration. Not feeling whole or complete. A constant ‘what if’ and ‘I wish’..
Why go on that path?

Surely, every single human cannot want the same thing. But, it seems society is being shaped that way where every single human wants the same thing: money. And for it, they will sacrifice their greatest gift: freedom of choice and the privilege of growth. For it, they will become machines that pay bills. Sad reality.

I do not see struggling artists, inventors, musicians, thinkers and great minds. I see rent payers, money seekers and confined minds. So, how is education helping?
A great person today is only the richest man in the world.
When money is not used for a good purpose but is the purpose, expect degeneration and destruction. And, lo and behold, we witness Just destruction of something somewhere everyday. We see issues, not solutions!

For a person to know what they truly love to do they must be free first. Free from “what do they think” and “this is how it is”. Religion, in its true form and essence does not confine us. In fact, it helps us to find our own reality. Why is it confining people? Because, all we have is ritual and no real awareness. This is what current education systems and upbringing has done: confuse a whole generation and confine a whole generation.

Freedom has a different definition for youth here. It means drinking, dating, dancing and being destructive openly! That is not freedom. That is also confinement and slavery. Of the ego!
Real freedom is being able to choose your own life and work and being excited and happy about it all your life. But, this realisation is something most have not even imagined yet!

How sad that all that matters anymore is what you Have and that’s it. How sad that its the criteria for the privilege of freedom.
A truly dedicated inventor or musician could be a billionaire and he wouldn’t even care about money..The top guys really don’t. They never did. Money was always a means and never the goal.

We need to teach our children this by living real lives. By being real ourselves.

Drop it if you are not enjoying it and do what you enjoy..everything else will work itself out..

Let’s grow.

One thought on “Dedication

  1. How very Insipring!
    Live with passion! <3
    Interesting, it reminded me of Winston Churchil's essay "Why Boys Fail In College?".
    LOL! (^^,)
    I guess we all should try to develop a passion for learning. If we do, we'll never cease to grow.

    P.S. Bhai jii, check your inbox

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