So let me get this right..anyone that comes to work in KSA is categorized in some category and we decide if they can have their family with them or not. We decide whether they should be able to even invite their family members or not.

Basically, a muslim brother is saying to his muslim brother that I have devised policies so that you have no family and I have mine and you serve me till I damn well say so And you pay a huge fine if you want to leave!

How does this reflect our faith? Should we now wonder why all the non muslims on Earth think we are jerks?

Any man that lives in any country and works has the right to invite or house anyone HE calls family or friend on his own responsibility and no one should stop him!

I have two files in front of me. Both of sons working here requesting that their aging parents be transferred to their Iqama as dependents since the parents are not only sick but have no other children back home to take care of them. Both files have been refused and that’s why they brought them to me. I hired wakeels for them and made two new requests finally getting a reply. Cost? 15 to 20,000 each! After 6 months of documentation!
Go figure!
One of the fathers is really sick now.
How does a Muslim feel secure and happy in a Muslim country if this is the way people are treated?
An American Muslim comes to KSA to visit his mother, he hires someone to renew his visa. The man takes his passport and takes close to 60,000 with false promises. The man stayed here illegally for a year and is now being deported. No one cares to look for the thief and give justice to our friend!

Pakistan: Every single activity is possible if you can bribe. Thousands die in sectarian and political violence!
Need I say more?

Yes, our populations are angry about cartoons and films.. But have we figured out why we are hated like this? What got people to come up with such insults and abuse? Our practices show the world what Muslims are, and Muslims are supposed to be what the Prophet taught us to be and so we represent him.. How do we look and how are we making him look? Think. Honestly, those that are cursing us DO have better systems of life then us. More ‘islamic’!

We must get serious and revise our policies and ways. Yes, I condemn the film. I will always hate the fact that the USA never did anything about it and I regret that instead of mending the image of Islam, we our selves have collectively and systematically destroyed it. We chose violence to kill someone innocent instead of sit back and think why why and why?

My previous post was my anger at an animal of a human who dared to insult my Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him. May Allah guide that fool. But, now that I reflect.. I see how we, the muslims, violate his teachings daily and through policies we implement shamelessly…

Think, reflect and rectify!

7 thoughts on “Rectify..

  1. Rectify – I’m not a particular lover of the US gov’t but your comment ‘I will always hate the fact that the USA never did anything about it’ is nonsensical. Who – federal, state or local government? the movie industry? What do you expect them to do? How could they have prevented the movie from being made? Are they investigating? Yes. The USA is supposedly a democracy and legal issues move slowly. Merde! They can be blamed for a lot of what’s wrong in the world but not everything.

      • True and true. But if I had the power would I ban it? Isn’t it too late? I am personally uneasy about banning or censoring most things. It’s like watching a car wreck, people just can’t not look. If it’s banned and pulled off YouTube it will go underground. Why not diffuse the anger and use this movie as a jumping off point to teach non-muslims what is incorrect in the movie. Guess I’m just too idealistic. It’s difficult for me to put myself in your place because of our disparate cultures and religions but at least you’re protesting with words rather than taking to the streets. Your blog always forces me out of my comfortable box. Off to muse while listening to ‘Tosca’.

      • I just think that the whole thing stinks..To be very honest, Ignorance and low down behaviour or presentations deserve only one be ignored. Ideally, Muslims should ignore the whole thing and focus more on being better..but for them to do so..they need leaders that they can get this wisdom from..and this..they dont have. The only place where you see protest in written words and positive actions is KSA ..I give credit to good leadership here.

  2. Yeah, you’re right Ali, the whole thing stinks and should be ignored.

    Another movie that’s causing problems is the secretly recorded Mitt Romney rant about poor people. Hope it causes him to lose the election.

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