Innocent Muslims

Christians may not love Jesus as much as Muslims love Muhammad. Jews may not love Moses as much as muslims love Muhammad. May the peace and blessings of Allah be on all of these Prophets.

But, respect for a Prophet of God that came with divine scriptures is something humanity needs to know of. Or some humans that have totally lost their respect and nobility..

How would a nation feel if we called them all bastards, and called their women sluts and mocked all that they believed in the name of ‘freedom of speech’? This is how muslims feel after the release of this pathetic and sick movie called ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

Freedom of speech or consent to abuse? What should I call it?

Muslims love the Prophet Muhammad pbuh more than their own parents and lives. The maker of this movie overlooked this fact. The senseless movie and all the dirty games being played get nobody anything good to be honest. I just find these people too stupid and suicidal to hurt the feelings of 1 billion muslims on Earth.
While many may choose to ignore this, many thousands will not. So, why play this dirty game in the name of freedom of speech?
Would we allow a film maker in our regions to make a filthy movie about Jesus or Moses? No! Because we love and respect them. Are these people totally Godless now? They don’t respect any prophet!

Contrary to western notions, We all allow freedom of speech. We just do not allow abuse and mud slinging and slander because it disrupts peace!

Yes, muslims are innocent. They have always been. Let me enlighten you: Since 9/11 and from 9/11 itself, every thing that has happened is zionist conspiracy that the USA has played along with. There is enough proof of this everywhere. We have our criminals and psychos but they are not the people you flash on your news channels, they are in jail!

12 thoughts on “Innocent Muslims

  1. Truly abhorrent. Encouragingly, have not heard one person, news item, interview, or read an article that is not supporting Muslims at this time. You are not alone in your anger. The average person here is just as stunned by the movie as you. I don’t want to get into the game of Who Loves Their Prophet More but suffice to say it comes down to one word – respect. Slander has nothing to do with freedom of speech and is illegal. I don’t agree with censorship but this repugnant movie goes beyond rational thinking.

  2. I already voiced my disapproval of the movie so I will not go there. What truly angers me in this post, Ali, is your sweeping claim of Muslim innocence. Let’s see how this immense love of the Prophet translates into acts, shall we?
    We are not talking here of offended pride. We are talking about relentless hate crimes that result in daily outrage to human rights, property damage and loss of life. What you should feel after carefully reading the facts should not be pride. It should be tremendous shame.
    Nice meeting you. Until now.

    • First of all, I do not consider someone that attacks a place of worship of anyone a muslim. Secondly, many of these are retaliation by a specific I have said, all will never be civilized. Apart from the countries that are chaos, do you see any muslim country defending such actions? I see them acting against such actions. Please reread the description of ‘hypocrites’ in my view then understand who I call muslim. Also, under any standard, these cannot be compared to attacks on whole nations by the US! Noway.

      • Where are the hypocrites coming from, Ali? See here:

        KHARTOUM/TUNIS (Reuters) – Fury about a film that insults the Prophet Mohammad tore across the Middle East AFTER WEEKLY PRAYERS ON FRIDAY with protesters attacking U.S. embassies and burning American flags as the Pentagon rushed to bolster security at its missions. At least seven people were killed as local police struggled to repel assaults AFTER WEEKLY MUSLIM PRAYERS in Tunisia and Sudan, while there was new violence in Egypt and Yemen and across the Muslim world, driven by emotions ranging from piety to anger at Western power to frustrations with local leaders and poverty.

        They are not hypocrites, in my opinion, only deluded people with a short fuse. The flames are fanned by the religious men who should preach peace.

        Oh, what’s the use? It’s all too ugly for words. Instead of the news, I’d better watch an old Hollywood movie.

    • Every religion will or has persecuted every other religion. There are no innocents. I think the rioters are an embarrassment to Muslims. Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t heard of Muslims in other parts of the world rioting. Strength in numbers in the Middle East? They are no better than thugs. Enough said. I’m too disillusioned to say more.

  3. Different people react differently in a similar situation even in a family, even among siblings you don’t expect one reaction from all. Some members of the family will be short tempered, some patient, some indifferent & some will get physically violent. So how is one similar reaction expected from a community which numbers in Billions! 

    And here is where responsible Freedom of expression comes in, why when I know an action of mine could get an unpredictable response from people should I go about intentionally,in a well planned & thought out manner do something that I’m 100% sure would hurt, insult & humiliate a huge section of the society. Why? Beats me!

    This is not freedom of speech but evilness, planned & well thought out evilness. The Muslims who killed the 4 innocent American’s their reaction can be counted as something done in a fit of anger & range who might even regret it when they come back to their senses. But what this guy has done is intentional & shows his disrespect for others & their beliefs.

    Sooo…. NO innocent killings are not justified but people shouldn’t expect all sections of a society to react in a sane, rational & calm manner, taking every insult that comes their way while reacting only in a way approved by everyone. Sorry things don’t work that way let’s be practical. 

    • Muslims think that it is their birthright to insult other religions. But when if somebody insults them they become cruel. How they can have double standards. When Budha idols of Bamiyaan in Afganistan by was destroyed by Taliban where were these peaceloving muslims? When a Muslim painter insulted Hindu Gods by painting them nude all called him a liberal man. Nobody understands the pain of Coptic Christians who suffers as minority in Muslim Majority Egypt. Muslims terminates minorities in Muslim majority countries by converting or killing them. In countries in which they are minority, they want special rights to protect them. Is this not double standard?

      • Believe me, Vinoo, if there is a project of a movie portraying the incessant suffering of religious minorities in Muslim countries and the injustice of it all, I’ll contribute financially. That is the right way to go. I blame the Pope – as the highest representative of Christianity – for not taking the leading role in the fight against the abuse. I blame human-rights advocates for exposing only the injustice perpetrated by Westerners. I blame Western media for cowardly sweeping such dirt under the carpet. I blame all appeasers, excusers and apologizers. When did we last hear about the mass exodus of Christians from Iraq, due to torture and murders after the fall of Saddam Hussein? Would not that make an interesting and educative movie? In Tunis, until the Arab Spring a secular country, a young man was beheaded (video available on the internet) for converting to Christianism. Tourists will no longer come to Tunis, because some of their womenfolk got beaten for wearing dresses without sleeves. Only idiots would travel to Egypt after the latest explosion of hatred. Yet both countries vitally depend on tourism. I watched the Arab Spring with reservation, knowing that only the secular dictators could keep the situation under control. My apprehension was justified as we see the Arab Spring quickly turning into Arab Fall. My heart goes to Syrian Christians, who are facing their exodus now and to Coptic Christians as they fear the bloodshed that is to come as a reaction to that silly movie.

        Note to Ali: You are a good man and I feel a bit sorry that these events have burst your comfortable bubble of peaceful Islam.

      • I don’t know what you are trying to prove. Muslims may be violent in certain places, Islam is not: that’s my point. As for christians..go down on this blog a bit, find a post “read it” and then talk. I did not write that post, its a quote.
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