Killed and Killing..

A guy commented on one of my articles today. I sit here shocked at the comment.
I wrote an article about runaway house maids for I talk about how runaway house maids should be legalized instead of being deported. Many people commented for and against my article, which is normal..but one gentlemen tells us in his comment about a possible murder of a 17 year old house maid recently..The employer says she comitted suicide! Now, go to, find the article “runaway house maids”, see the comments and come back here. I am not going to copy paste from there..


Why would a 17 year old girl working as a house maid, normal and about to go on leave the next day, with her brother also in KSA..kill herself suddenly?

The body remains in the hospital.

Honestly, I smell foul play though we cannot conclude before the police does. In fact, this has not even been published in any newspaper yet I think..

What’s up with this now?

A human life. Millions of human lives. Wasted. Destroyed. Snatched away. By other humans. Are we worse than animals now?

And Libya.. US ambassador killed. UK guy escapes death..
Now who would want to be ambassador there? Ever?

In our times, people and governments have become so fond of killing the unarmed, helpless people that it makes one sick to stomach and we wait for something drastic to happen.
A guy shooting people in a cinema. Another guy shooting people at a store he worked at and killing himself too.
Suppression. Oppression.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Drone attacks. Ethnic cleansing in Mayanmar…the list goes on and on..

How the heck has humanity progressed?

I don’t know who to feel sorry for and who to blame. Every single nation has a story about how wrong was done to them and so they retaliated. From the holocaust to 9/11.. One thing led to another..and millions died.

Employers killing employees and vice versa..
The world needs new policies on each level. Obviously the ones active currently are not working!

One policy should be: we will sacrifice resources we need to save human life for nothing on earth is more valuable than human life..

19 thoughts on “Killed and Killing..

  1. Maybe humans can’t change? Senseless that a group of right wing religious nuts killed people in Libya because of a crappy movie made by some right wing religious nuts. Wasn’t Muhammad a great enough Prophet to not be upset by slurs and slander? Isn’t it arrogant to think any of the Prophets need defending?

    • The Prophet pbuh ignored such things. Unfortunately, muslims do all that he never did and even stood up against. Worse than any humans are the hypocrites and they are a majority now.

      • Hypocrites are people that claim to be what in reality they are not because their priorities and decisions are not what they should be as per logic of faith they claim to have. What has been going on would not be going on if indeed all people of religion actually did what religion says they should do. So, since they are not denying the faith, but claiming it, yet acting as if they have no faith..makes them hypocrites.

  2. Agressive humans have always been killingin other humans for whatever reason. Agression is part of our DNA and I don’t see it changing in the near future. Nuts of all sorts, and on whatever side of nuttiness, can be controled neiher by reason nor the fear of imprisonmet. They actively seek outlets to express their violent tendencies.

    As for the crappy movie, I saw part of it on YouTube. I cannot believe that this embarrassing production swallowed five million dolars. This time the Jewish sponsors did not get value for their money, which in itself is an exceptional failure. It is a fact that the movie was based on the hadiths where the crimes of the prophet are described by his contemporay followers, but if suicidal moviemakers need to remind the humanity about the facts from the prophet’s life, they should do it in style and invest in a good screenplay, good cinematograpy, good costumes and talented actors. I’m sure that it always feels better to get killed for a piece of classy art than to give one’s life for a five-million junk.

    • Its really sad how religion is being used on this scale to cause chaos when its purpose was to establish peace. I never comment or say much about jews for one reason: their issue is directly with God from the times of Moses. Where they could have caused peace, they chose chaos and till the end of time they themselves will not live or die in peace. I feel sad. Of course, Muslims are no different now- thus a stone for a stone and all we see is destruction.

      • Yeah. If one believes in God then all issues should be with Him (or Her). Seems humans have failed at making and keeping peace. Have you read anything by atheists Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins? You may not agree with them but they’ll make you pause to think. Or make you mad. Depressing and maybe too lofty a topic as I sip my morning coffee and worry about the more mundane topic of a possible hockey strike.

      • As it turns out, the sponsors of this movie are thought to be Coptic Christians, which explains a lot. Jews are too smart to get involved in a stupidity of this sort. There was an interview with an angry actress who claims that the crew did not know that they were acting in a movie depicting the Prophet’s life. They were told it was a story about life in ancient times and that the sound track was added afterwards without their knowledge. I would believe that because I noticed that the sound did not correspond with the movement of the actor’s lips but I chalked it down to poor production. Anyway I could not stand to watch it for more than 5 minutes.
        I have both Hitchens and Dawkins on my bookshelf. They should be on everyone’s bookshelf, whether you agree with them or not.

    • Aggressive DNA in humans? Mmm. We don’t seem to be evolvin into more peaceful people. I thought of the scene in ‘2001: a Space Odyssey’ when the hominids use a bone to beat the leader of another group to death for possession of the water hole. The weapons have become more sophisticated but humans are still fighting each other for that damn ‘water hole’.

      As for the anti-Islamic movie, I won’t watch it. Why encourage the idiots.

    • Iva – I’m reading the Qur’an. Why? So when I return to Saudi I can sound a little more knowledgable when asking questions. I have difficulty figuring out what’s religious based and what’s culturally based in Saudi. I’m actually enjoying reading it, except the parts that upset me. The hadiths are (is?) in many volumes, I think. I’d like to read them but think it will be a daunting task. Now I’m curious about the crimes of the prophet. A reader of Ali’s blog used a quote from the hadiths about there being more women in hell because they didn’t respect their husbands. How does one even respond? All that tells me is that there were a lot of bad husbands.

      • Hitch would respond by frothing at the mouth in his own adorable way. Boy, that man had a chip on his shoulder! Rest in Peace, Hitchie.
        As for responding to the hadith about women in hell which is offensive to a full half of human population – you just don’t respond. It’s not worth trying.
        Hadiths are available on The best is supposed to be Bukhari’s.

      • Didn’t know there were any other versions of the hadith except Bukhari’s. Daughter has a set but couldn’t possibly read the whole thing while I visit.

  3. Ali – your are driving and typing?! Goof. Illegal in my country but Saudis seem able to drive, text, answer their phones, put on music, talk, and change lanes doing 150 km/hr. And not wearing their seat belts. And kids not in car seats. Shudder.

    Your definition of ‘hypocrite’ is the same as mine. Just checking.

  4. Iva – I heard exactly the same re the movie, the Christian Coptics, the actress, the supposed purpose of the movie. I also heard the financial backer was a Christian right wing nut case. And people fear Muslims?! Wonder what Hitch would say?

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