Days of our lives

I believe we spend too much time on receiving information, processing it and reacting to it. Whether we like it or not, this goes on. TV, social media and the constant ‘updates’. The constant communication.
Because of this, our minds are constantly challenged. Constantly busy. We are like machines that work round the clock.

So much so that many people I know are now longing for solitude. No calls. No internet. No care for the damn ‘conspiracy’ theories and no care for ‘news’.
Look at my post below about the arab news article. Honestly, I wish I never read it and never had to react to it. Had it not been for fb on my cell phone, I probably would have missed that. We don’t buy the newspaper anymore. We have the net! And, whether we are in the mood or not, we get updated. That little beep makes us pick up our mobiles and read. And then we react and a chemical reaction occurs within us…

Today, as we drove back after dropping our kid to school, me and my wife were looking around the city and wondering what’s missing. I said to my wife, anywhere else, we would probably not go home, we would probably hang around town, buy stuff , head to the office and do a variety of things, pick up our kid and go home. Here? Naaa. No life. A lifeless city full of concrete and unhappy people living with a variety of notions, wrong or right. Yes. Its the people. All creativity in a laptop or a phone. Nothing on the outside but despair and perversion!

My mind went back to the early 90s and late 80s in Cyprus. No cell phones. Limited internet and loads of friends, social life, action and a REAL life and not a virtual life. A healthy life. Most people probably still have it there.

Just imagine if there was no internet or smart phones in Saudi Arabia. Yes, seen that time too. It was terrible. It was too depressing. Its why we ran away. You know what was missing? The ‘being human’ thing. It is still missing. Social media and the ‘virtual’ life is the only thing that keeps people going here. Sadly. Neighbors chat, and have nothing much to say when they meet! Same with families. In fact, who meets who these days anyway! And everyone is turning paranoid because of the depressing news that hits their minds 24/7!

Days of our lives are passing by.. Let’s start to live.

4 thoughts on “Days of our lives

  1. Amazingly I tried to practically experience the ‘internet-free’ life a few days back. Strange coincident FTW! (^^,)
    And believe me if it was not for contacting you regarding the business thingy, I’m pretty sure I would have tried to avoid it.

    • Ali, you sound so ‘down’. Life is too short! I don’t take the newspaper in my city anymore because I hate the negativity and the political BS. I”m not Muslim but as I read the Qur’an it’s teaching me to stay calm, to find peace and contentment. Want a REAL life? Take some advice from an old lady. Sit and hold hands with your wife. Look in her eyes. Cuddle your family. After you pick up your child from school take them out for ice cream. Do something silly – fly kites, dance wildly to your favourite music, run through a fountain. Yesterday I sat on a beach and watched the sun sparkling on the waves. Ignore the shit as best you can….no electronics needed as much as I love all my devices.

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