Your Book of life

You are born. You grow. You learn. You associate with others on various levels or are born with associations already waiting for you. You do things. Say things. Interact. Grow older and the collection of memories in your mind gets larger. Time passes and you pass away too eventually..
I am sitting here thinking deeply about life.
So much happens to a person in a lifetime. There is so much a person does in a lifetime. Tales and legends. Stories and incidents. Changes and good times..joys and sorrows..losses and gains..Yes, each human life is a great novel that is being written and will be known. Each human life is so vital and important for it to have existed.

Remarkable lives have been lived on this earth throughout its history. Remarkable humans have come and gone. Some leaving tales of horror and some leaving valuable knowledge and wisdom. And, time has passed.

Each life is proof of human errors or human greatness or both. Each life is recorded and kept in a book. A book. Your book. The book of your life will be given to you when you rise for judgment. Either in your left hand or in your right hand..depending on the kind of life you have lived, the choices you made and the decisions you took. Some books will be applauded and some will get cursed because they will contain tales of pain given to others and evil actions that ridiculed goodness and justice.

I sit here and think: what do we really know? What have we really done?

Its true..we grow to learn how ignorant we really are..

Keep smiling everyone..and make your life a book worth reading:)

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