Smart Identification

It hurts to see so many people struggle so hard to be somewhere and someone keeps saying no to them. I guess that’s why millions of people around the world are living ‘illegally’ in some place or the other.
I find this to be a ridiculous thing. It is a great example of our stupidity which, even though defined and understood, is never discarded!

The ‘illegal’ status residents studies in any country also shows that the visa and immigration system the world is so used to is pathetic.
It seems to be pointless now anyway. Let me tell you why.
I am sitting here writing this blog. I am sure that every intelligence network on earth can pinpoint my location. I have a facebook account which I visit a lot. I am sure any government will know what I am doing at this minute, should they want to know.
The Pakistani, UAE and the Saudi government have my fingerprints and retina scan. This information is stored in a database. This database can be accessible to any government upon request. I have a cell phone sim card that’s registered in my name. It tells the big guys where I am and I am sure they can tune in and hear me sing in the toilet if they work on it enough.

So, why are we still walking around with ‘passports’ and standing in lines getting them stamped somewhere? Why are we ‘sponsored’ by individuals?

Systems are run by corporations and each individual is a customer. Right?

Government knows where I get money from, where I spend it and what I do. So why not just leave me alone with my Pakistani ‘smart’ ID card and let me travel anywhere? As long as I am paying the visa fee, not involved in any crime, going about my business renting homes and cars..let me be!

Visa to anywhere should be issued on port after a computer checks my data, charges me a fee and keeps charging as per the charges of a country. Send the guys to pick someone up and deport them when they violate the law and not pay the fee. Otherwise, you are benefiting from them, right? So let them be. Just make sure they have enough plastic cards and are traceable…and that’s just so easy now! Give google the contract!

I can guarantee that if Saudi Arabia generates a revenue of say 3 million per day from its current system of iqamas, it will generate 10 million a day under my proposed system.

This will also reduce the illegal immigrant situation. If I am traveling under my Pakistani ID card, I am more easily traceable. I come to KSA, pay an entry fee. Agree to terms and conditions. Select duration of stay, pay fee ( go ahead, charge 2000 a year, just make life easy!). Enter country, find a it. Buy things. When duration of stay is about to expire, I get an sms asking me to again select duration of stay, pay and proceed with life. And so it should be anywhere. Just imagine the rise in revenue for governments and the convenience for mankind! Wow!

You know, most people don’t leave because coming back seems hard with the current system. Make it easy but secure and see how this phenomena of illegal people becomes a thing of the past..and so will corruption..

Yes..put all immigration officers in the police force or make them IT experts managing the Smart ID databases. No need for interaction with public..And, give them fantastic salaries too..

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Smart Identification

  1. Smart Identification will increase efficiency several times. It would be clever for any govt. to deal with this system. Appreciate it. Thanks

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