One guy told me that there shall be wars for gold. Where there is a lot of gold, there will be attacks so that someone could get their hands on someone’s gold.
Another guy sitting there asked that when one country or group acquires all that gold, what are they going to do with it?

Nice question!

I read many different conclusions and concepts about why gold is so precious to us. I was going to put some links but hey just ask Google why gold is will get lots of feedback and history. Its a precious metal, it is a mind thing, it has applications..bla bla..

Here is a question: if you have all the gold in the world and no greenery, no water and no one to care for you..what good will gold do for you?
More importantly, can gold postpone your death? Give you health? Bring you joy? Can a shiny cool metal do that?

Hey if my country has plenty of agriculture, rain, cattle, good weather, jungles,nice people and lots of rivers.. I am fine. Don’t need gold. The Mrs can get jewelry made out of wood and stone. What difference does it make?

Precious is what humans need badly, and it is not gold nor silver but blessings from the Creator of gold, agree?

No matter what I read anywhere, I am not convinced that metal or oil is worth killing millions of innocent people. A single human being is so much more valuable than a pot of gold!

Guess I have made my point..

4 thoughts on “Gold

  1. Yes. Remember King Midas and his problems? Anyway, next war will be over water.

    “The Mrs.”? And she doesn’t smack you? My Sweet, My Goddess, My Love, My World….

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